Guest Blogging in France

Guest blogging in France with unique articles

How does Guest Blogging help your business?

Google give equal weight to on-page SEO and the backlinks going to your site. If those backlinks are relevant, high quality and editorial in nature, then you will gain:

  • Direct traffic from the guest posts.
  • Improved branding and reputation by having your articles appear on major blogs and other websites in your niche.
  • An improved position with search engines.

The French translation of SEO is "référencement". This should give you an indication of how important these links, or references are, and guest blogging in France is an especially effective strategy.

The importance of fluent French content

As well as backlinks from blogs on high quality sites, for your French marketing campaign to succeed you also need great content:

  • On your website – if you have fluent French content on your own website, then webmasters will be happier to publish your articles or content and journalists will be more likely to publish a press release and cover your story.  You will also get spontaneously shares on social media without ever needing to ask anyone.
  • In your links – a well-researched article or beautifully illustrated infographic will be accepted on high-quality websites and give your links more value and relevance.  You will also generate business directly from the links in the articles themselves, in addition to the ranking higher with Google.

When completing guest posts for our clients we write articles that are well researched and educational in nature.  We approach bloggers and webmasters who have high profile sites related to yours and they’re not interested in simply adding an advert to their site, even if it is related.

The French webmasters we approach are looking for high quality articles with unique, interesting content that is well-written and well researched and this is exactly what we supply them with.  In exchange, we ask them to include a link from the article to your site (either as a credit or as a link in the body of the content, perhaps linking to an informative blog page on your site).

This approach to SEO where a high quality article links to good content on your own site means that we can adopt marketing methods that are completely ethical and natural.  The sites we approach are typically different for any two clients and will be relevant to your niche, with articles written specifically for each site that match the content on their site and on yours.

Indigoextra prides itself on keeping abreast with the latest trends and changes in SEO, including Google’s algorithms and this approach is in keeping with Google Panda, Penguin and RankBrain.  It is a highly effective way of increasing traffic to your website.

Whether you need French articles to help promote your business or articles about France, we are available to provide you with a quality French content marketing service.


Our team is highly qualified

If you choose Indigoextra to complete your guest blogging campaign in France, then you will have a personal service tailored to your needs. With over 15 years' experience in French SEO, we understand the industry. Our team comprises:

  • A bilingual SEO co-ordinator who will ensure we understand your needs and pass your requirements on to the rest of the team.
  • Native French speakers to write the content who are educated to degree level or higher, have substantial experience in copywriting and come with great recommendations.
  • A graphic design team to create header images for the articles, &/or design captivating infographics.
  • We have a network of over a thousand blogs in France that are Domain Authority 25 or higher, have at least 1,000 visits a month and good TrustFlow.
  • We update these metrics every month to ensure we're able to recommend the best sites to you.

Our team in France will:

  • Ensure that all articles are researched and written by fluent French speaking marketing experts.
  • Carefully proofread every article.
  • Include the proper keyword density for each article based on your chosen keywords / phrases.
  • Send each article to you for your approval before it is published.
  • Publish articles only on related, niche websites.

See tips on how to write a guest post.

We will never:

  • Use automated software to create the articles or add them to sites.
  • Spin articles by simply rewriting what someone else has written.
  • Add articles to generic article sites.

For a free quote on our French article writing and guest posting services, simply contact us today.  We look forward to assisting you with all of your marketing needs.


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