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Multilingual web design

Indigoextra is a talented team of web designers, graphic designers, SEO experts and translators who provide a complete website design service, delivering everything you need to have a truly outstanding website that stands out from the crowd.

Our web design service includes the following features:

Please scroll down to see some samples of our French websites, or read more about our web design service as a whole, as we also create websites in 6 different European languages.

  • French, Dutch and German web design


    Multilingual ecommerce web design

    Étiquettes Tissées sell a selection of personalised clothing labels on a B2C and B2B basis and we were approached by them to translate their site from French into German, Dutch and 4 other European languages, as well as improve the design and add new functionality.

    We created the ecommerce site, designed it to have a responsive layout for mobiles and tablets and optimized it for search engines.  As the sister companies owned the other websites, including, we created it with two databases, one for the French site and the other for the other 6 languages.

    We also developed the interface to allow visitors to select an icon, font, and range of other options so that a preview of their personalised labels is shown before visitors commit to a purchasing decision.

    Finally in addition to the web development work, we created a Facebook profile for them, manage an ongoing Facebook advertising campaign and translated and optimised their Amazon profile.


  • Tormey Woods, opera singer in Montpellier

    Inspiring opera singer's site

    Tormey Woods - Multilingual Opera Singer's Website

    Tormey Woods is a bass opera singer in Montpellier, France.  We designed his multilingual English and French website using the Drupal CMS, including a section on past performances and upcoming events (configuring it so that when the date passes, an upcoming event automatically moves to a past performance).  The site is responsive and includes videos and a photo gallery.

  • South France web design

    A beautiful design for a B&B

    B&B in Tourbes, South France

    La Bergerie de Laval approached us to create an attractive website for their luxury bed and breakfast in Tourbes, South France.  We designed the website in Drupal 7, suggesting that we include photos of the swimming pool in both the header and footer as the swimming pool was an obvious luxurious feature (along with the hot tub).

    The site includes information on local towns such as Montpellier, Pezenas and Beziers and a few extra features like a booking form and availability calendar, Google map showing the location of the B&B and photo galleries.

  • Daily English website France

    Bilingual website for Daily English

    Daily English

    We created a responsive mobile friendly web design for Daily English who provide an opportunity for French people to connect with English speaking families in France offering immersion homestays.

    Indigoextra was involved from start to finish and our project was to:

    • Create an original logo and design the website, including the header and several images.
    • Create a full colour brochure, which you can download from the site.
    • Design the website to be 100% responsive.
    • Provide on-page SEO in French and English.
    • Complete an internet marketing campaign and provide other graphic design services, including designing a poster.

    The feedback we received from Daily English was:

    "I was extremely happy with your understanding of my business and the creative website that you designed, the visuals are striking and at the same time convey our services.  Indigoextra very quickly grasped our requirements and have produced a website which is easy to manage and update".

  • French homeschooling

    Homeschooling site development

    French homeschooling web site design

    Indigoextra created the site into Drupal, designing it to give it an impactful design with intuitive navigation.  The website has information about homeschooling in Montpellier and throughout France and the design includes an interactive online map where homeschooling families can add their own details.

    We also translated parts of the site from English to French and optimised the site for search engines.

Everything you need to succeed in France

Developing a successful website needs a combination of skills - it needs a beautiful design that fits with your industry, it needs the development of all the functionality that an interactive website has and it needs effective internet marketing or SEO to ensure that the site is found by search engines.  This in turn will generate a regular flow of visitors who, in turn, become customers.

Indigoextra Ltd's unique service is a seamless merger of the skills needed to meet all 3 requirements.  Our team includes over 20 web developers, graphic designers and SEO experts who work together to ensure that every website we develop:

  • Is beautifully designed with the option of original logos, headings and website themes.
  • Has a Content Management System (CMS) that lets you edit the site and provides interactive features such as e-commerce websites, discussion forums, property portals and more.
  • Is optimized for Search Engines with high quality content that reads well and has the right keyword balance in the text, titles, descriptions and other aspects of the website.

To further enhance your website's position, we also offer English and French link building, to generate high quality links to your site in order to increase its position in Google and generate more visitors.

Multi-lingual web development is one of our specialities and we have developed several websites that are French and English, including e-commerce web design.

When developing a website in France, we can provide an admin interface in French and/or English, so that you, or the site's visitors can interact with the site as required, whether it's simply to add comments to a page, or to buy products using an e-commerce platform, or to partake in discussion forums.

We do more than just design websites

We also offer French content writing and English to French translations, so if you're looking to enter the French market, but don't have fluent French yourself, this doesn't pose any barrier.

Our team includes several fluent French web designers and developers and French SEO experts and content writers, to ensure that all content on French websites is written in flawless French.

Using Indigoextra's service allows you to have a beautiful French website designed with any interactive features you require and a high position in and other search engines in France.  Don't hesitate to contact us for a free web design or SEO quote.

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