Spanish link building

Spanish Link Building

Boost your online presence in Spain

Spanish Guest Posting

Guest posting service

Google places more importance on in-content backlinks from relevant, high authority sites. This is exactly what we provide with our guest posting service.

Having managed guest posting campaigns for well over a decade, we now have a database of over three thousand high authority (DA25+) Spanish blogs and news sites – all of whom only publish informative editorial content, reaching users across Spain.

At Indigoextra, we work with writers to create informative blogs with a unique angle, featuring a backlink to your site. We then arrange for the article to be published on a quality site. 

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Absorbing Articles

Captivating content

Editorial content used as part of your Spanish link building campaign will stand out for several reasons.
Firstly, we only use native Spanish copywriters, all of whom are qualified to at least degree level with a minimum of two years relevant experience.

We never use automated blog spinning tools. Every blog post is unique, well-researched and written with thought and attention. This means it stands a greater chance of being accepted on an influential Spanish blog.

Even more important, though, is the fact that unique and engaging content generates better results in the form of greater traffic. Readers are far more likely to share captivating content and recommend the blog post. Ultimately, this is better for SEO – and better for you.

Link Building Packages

Link building in UK

In addition to guest posting campaigns, we can also build links to your site in other ways.

We focus on quality links, rather than quantity as this strategy has been proven time and time again to be the most fruitful.

A tailored link building package might include featuring your site in popular Spanish directories (directorio), on relevant social media groups across Spain, through press releases, infographics and by creating image shares.
This carefully balanced approach is designed to bolster your website’s authority, which will ultimately be reflected in its Google ranking.

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Authority Links in Spain

Authority links

When it comes to link building campaigns, not all links are made equal. Links that come from a high-authority, high-traffic site demonstrate a higher level of respectability to Google.

As such, they are far more effective at boosting your site’s ranking.

At Indigoextra, we only target the most reputable blogs in Spain. We have an in-depth knowledge of trustworthy sites valued highly by Spanish people – and by Google.

These sites are relevant and have plenty of traffic. Any sites not meeting our strict criteria are immediately rejected when carrying out link outreach.

See below for more details of our quality criteria.


Keyword research and analysis

Keyword research and competitor analysis

We will start your project by researching keywords (Búsqueda de palabras clave), including analysing a range of keywords that your competitors use. We take into account monthly search volume from Spanish, SEO challenge, relevance and user-intent.

User-intent indicates what searchers had in mind when they entered the keyword. Commercial keywords help us define which pages to link to and informational keywords help us write suitable blog titles.

This way guest posts are more likely to rank highly for related informational keywords, however they link to the commercial pages on your site, helping boost them in the rankings.

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Reporting the Results

Reporting the results

At Indigoextra, we are fully aware that you want to know how your campaign is progressing. That’s why we create detailed monthly reports; they ensure your campaign is perfectly crafted, but they also give you peace of mind.

Your monthly reports highlight where each link is placed and track the performance of target keywords. They also assess the progress they are making in terms of how well they rank. If you would prefer these reports even more often, just let us know.

We are always happy to provide you with the target keywords and editorial content for you to give feedback on, so you  can be as involved in these decisions as you would like.


Top quality guest blogs guaranteed

We employ three different quality measures to match your guest post to the most suitable and effective blog.

These are:

Domain Authority (DA) – This is a measure of a blog’s authority created by It is based on a machine learning algorithm that predicts how often Google takes that domain into account, when its search results are established.

TrustFlow (TF) – TF measures how closely a blog is linked from trusted seed sites, based on a manual review of the web by Majestic.

Traffic – The monthly organic visits to a site from Google searches, as estimated by Semrush.

Our guarantee

In every language, we guarantee that our guest posts are original, carefully proofread, and on blogs that are at least:

  • DA25+

  • TF12+

  • 1,000+ traffic

  • 500 words

  • 1 stock image

Top blogs and news sites

We also have a selection of renowned blogs and news portals in Spain. Let us know if you'd like sites that are as high as:

  • DA50+

  • TF30+

  • 10,000+ traffic

  • 1,500 words

  • Include an infographic

Why choose us for your European SEO?

As well Spain, we have native and experienced copywriters in the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands and Italy. If you’re looking for quality links in multiple languages, one of which isn’t mentioned above, please let us know.

We have an international network of proficient bloggers and translators. This allows us to publish links and translate content in a wide range of languages in addition to these six.


What criteria do you have for selecting Spanish blogs?

We only post content on sites that have demonstrable authority and are relevant to your brand. Each site we select has an absolute minimum of 1,000 visits per month, as well as being a high domain authority site (DA25+) with proven trustworthy credentials (TF17+).

Are all guest posts ‘dofollow’?

Absolutely. All the guest posts we create will have a dofollow link back to your site. This type of link strengthens your authority and boosts your ranking.

Can I use Domain Rating (DR) rather than Domain Authority (DA)?

If you have specific requirements for a certain Domain Rating, Domain Authority, TrustFlow, traffic, or other measure of quality, please let us know and we will do our utmost to meet your requirements.

What Spanish terms can you use to find sites accepting guest posts?

When we're doing link outreach we use a range of searches including the following:

  • Submit guest post = Enviar publicaciones invitadas
  • Accepting guest posts = Aceptar publicaciones invitadas
  • Guest post guidelines = Instrucciones para crear una publicación de invitado
  • Contribute content = Contenido de colaboración
  • Link building = Enlaces en páginas de terceros

Do you offer white label services?

Yes, we generate links internationally for some of the largest SEO agencies on a white label basis.

Is there a long-term commitment?

No. Our service is completely flexible. You’re welcome to order a single guest post or a one-month link building package to try our services out.

If you order a 3-month package, then we will provide free on-page SEO for the pages we're linking in order to ensure that they're well optimised.

What related services do you provide?

In addition to creating backlinks, we also offer on-page SEO in Spain and English to Spanish translation services.

This is in additional to multilingual SEO services in a wide range of European languages.

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