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Content MarketingOur article writing and guest posting service gives you quality one-way links from relevant blogs. As a result, it increases organic traffic to your website(s).

Our experienced article writers create original, engaging and flawlessly written articles. Our SEO professionals then arrange for them to be published on relevant blogs that accept guest posts. These guest post provide high-authority links to your website, which help increase your ranking for target keywords.

  • Article writing

    Is our strategy Google friendly?

    Google have launched several major algorithm updates in recent years. The combination of these means the correct guest post marketing strategy is essentail to your success. Relevant algorithms include:

    • Helpful Content - This update finished being implemented in January 2023. It places greater value on content that is truly useful to the reader. We therefore write articles that are informative and include actionable advice. 'How to' articles and listicles have been shown to give the most long-term SEO benefit.
    • Google Penguin - This algorithm palces more value on quality links from related websites. It penalised automated, bulk link building methods. We only publish each article on a single related, authority site, ensuring we use a diverse range of anchor texts. We also reject over 95% of sites in any lists we receive from guest bloggers, as far too many sites are simply spam. See details of how we select sites.
    • RankBrain - RankBrain is Google's AI. It does a good job at estimating how a human being would respond to a piece of content, boosting content that is well-written and helpful. Our articles are all written by experienced and degree qualified writers. We have a thorough content creation process, ensuring each piece has the right keywords, SEO, and human input. By focusing on quality, we also take into account that as RankBrain develops, Google will be ever-more capable of recognising a decent piece of writing.


  • Benefits of our Article Writing & Link Building Service

    We have helped clients across Europe increase their traffic by tens of thousands of monthly visits, with a corresponding increase in sales. Article writing and guest posting delivers a good return on investment when compared to other forms of digital marketing. Our articles build authority links to your website that drive targeted traffic. There's no need for you to edit your own site.

    We offer this European content marketing service in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.

    Interested in another language? For multi-language campaigns, we can also translate content and provide guest posting services in several additional languages. See our multilingual content marketing service for details of the related services we offer.

    Oraganic traffic

    The above graph shows the traffic increase as a result of one of our link building campaigns. See our link building and SEO case studies.

  • Effective communication creates results

    Quality guarantees for every article:

    • 100% original and unique.
    • Written by experienced SEO writers whose native language is English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Dutch (depending on your chosen language).
    • Well researched and carefully proof-read.
    • Include a variety of anchor texts in the links to avoid keyword stuffing.
    • Include at least one image.

    Our writers will also go beyond these basic guarantees to write content that is engaging and imaginative!


    Quality guarantees for every guest post:

    Our minimum quality guarantees for every guest post are as follows:

    • Every guest post will be relevant to your industry.
    • High domain authority websites (DA25 to DA80).
    • At least 1,000 visits a month.
    • Trustworthy sites (TF17 to TF80)
    • You will receive a report including the exact location of every guest post.

    We can also offer much higher guarantees depending on the industry and language. Please get in touch if you have specific requirements.

    As well as the SEO benefit, article writing and guest blogging allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your field, particularly with targeted, relevant websites. This is the perfect way of building a good online reputation and will generate direct traffic from the sites, as well as helping your site rise in the search results.

    We have a large network of blog owners in 9 different languages throughout the UK and Europe. If you have specific requirements for your blog posts, then just let us know!

  • Online Article Posting vs. newspaper advertising

    Article writing and posting is more affordable and effective than traditional ways of marketing a business. Marketing your business in magazines, newspapers, flyers, radio ads and on television commercials can cost a fortune and after a short duration the advert is no longer useful as the newspaper goes in the bin or gets recycled.

    Unlike traditional marketing, your one-way links within your articles generate traffic for weeks, months and even years to come, both by improving your SEO and position with Google and by driving direct traffic to your website.

    Multilingual SEO articles in English, French, German and Spanish

Getting Started

Contact us for sample guest posts in your industry, or further details on our guest posting services and quality guarantees.



Do you cover the whole of Europe?

We provide a guest posting service to France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and all English speaking countries including the UK and USA. We also have smaller networks of both writers and potential webmasters and bloggers for a wide range of other European countries, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you have an enquiry for another country.


What do you mean by relevant guest posts?

At the start of each project we find sites that are related to yours that accept guest posts. To ensure that they're relevant, we use a range of criteria. The site will match at least one of the following:

  • Already appear for your target keyword.
  • Blog about other similar topics.
  • Link to one or more of your competitors.
  • Be a large, high authority website with a great reputation that covers a range of topics (e.g. a news portal).


Are your articles keyword rich?

Yes and no. 

Yes, we do keyword research and ensure that article titles, content and anchor texts (the clickable text in a link) all include a healthy balance of popular keywords that you want to rank for.

No, we don't do keyword stuffing. Google's RankBrain algorithm simulates how a real human being looks at each website and stuffing articles full of keywords is an old-fashioned SEO strategy that is no longer effective. It's far more important that it reads well and engages the reader. We also include some anchor texts that simply use your web address or company name as this is also important for Google's Penguin algorithm.


Could you write content for my blog?

Yes, as well as providing a guest blog posting service, we also provide a content writing service and are happy to research, write and proofread content for your own blog. See our tips on writing a company blog to give you more information on how we approach this (and some useful steps to follow if you're writing your own blog).