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Link building is a core part of SEO and serves three main purposes:

  1. To generate natural referral traffic to your site so people see the links, click them and visit your site.
  2. To boost your position with search engines.  Search engines, particularly Google, rely heavily on the volume and quality of links going to your site, therefore building high quality, relevant links helps your site appear higher in the search results.  As around 90% of people use Google in Spain and South America, it makes sense to focus your Spanish link building campaign on Google and ensure that your links comply with Google’s guidelines.
  3. To boost your overall branding by creating great content and placing it on high authority sites.

All of these help drive traffic to your website and improve your overall reputation.

During our link building campaigns we start by completing keyword research to ensure we focus on keywords that will generate the maximum return on investment.  We then write (and design) original, well-researched content. We will build links from high authority websites that are in the same niche as yours (for example, if you have a car hire site, we will look for holiday sites or other car related sites to build links from).  Our recommendation is to use a range of different types of links to create a natural profile and we can generate Spanish links through the following methods:

  • Guest blogging on high authority, high traffic sites. Our native Spanish speakers will write engaging articles and contact bloggers to arrange for them to add the articles to their site. All articles will be Domain Authority 25 or higher, with high traffic and high TrustFlow.
  • Creating attractive and original infographics and Spanish image shares which are shared on a range of sites.
  • Managing social media profiles or using popular social networks such as Twitter to build links.
  • Writing unique content and submitting it to the top Spanish directories.  This is particularly important for local SEO.

If you're looking for marketing in Spain as part of a multilingual marketing strategy, then we can also help with English, German, French, Dutch and Italian marketing.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like us to provide you with a Spanish or multilingual link building quote.


Thorough On-Page SEO

If your Spanish website is going to attract the maximum traffic, it is essential that it has great on-page SEO. This service includes a detailed analysis of the whole structure of your website, considering such factors as Metatags, how individual pages link together in a cohesive way, the URLs of each page and the pages they link to, which types of heading you use (H1 – H6), etc.  Other analysis includes a detailed look at the actual content – does it read well and is it compelling?  Is there a sound keyword balance?  Is there a call to action?  Are the spelling and grammar correct?

We start with an overview of your website as a whole, using software to check the Metatags of every page on your site, whether there are any broken links or other common problems, before looking at your core landing pages one by one.


Accurate Spanish Translations

If you have a multilingual website, or are creating a separate website in Spanish, we can assist by translating website information and text between Spanish, French, English and German, producing professional, accurate translations.  If required, these can also include SEO keyword research, reporting on your Spanish content to ensure a healthy keyword balance and adjusting that as necessary.

We are able to supply complete website translations, as well as translating other content, and our professional graphic designers will also work together with the translators on infographics or other images that have a text element, thus ensuring the overall effect remains cohesive and attractive.

In addition to translations, we provide Spanish copywriting of new and original articles or other content, including detailed research and thorough proof-reading.


Other Marketing Services

In addition to SEO and link building, we also offer a complete marketing service including designing websites, leaflets, brochures, or other marketing material.

If you are interested in finding out how we can help, please contact us. We will then provide a detailed proposal on how we can help you attract more customers in Spain, South America or other Spanish speaking countries.