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Spanish SEO Services

SEO Consultation

SEO strategy

We provide a multilingual SEO consultation service to help you pinpoint the best strategy for your company.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been around for a long time, our SEO consultation service will identify a wealth of marketing opportunities in the Spanish market. 

What’s more, we also offer a range of additional flexible services. We can provide SEO training if you have in-house copywriters or web developers; advice on Spanish keyword research; and, of course, a thorough website audit to help you get started.

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Website Optimisation

On-page SEO strategy

Our team of Spanish SEO consultants and copywriters will carry out an analysis of your website. We will explore elements such as its design and navigation options, ensuring it’s as easy as possible for visitors to spend a long time on your site.

If you have an e-commerce site, we’ll also assess the ease of the checkout process, in addition to what can be improved to allow users to complete the desired action (such as signing up to a newsletter, absorbing your site’s information or making a purchase).

Our website optimization will ensure your company is brought to the very forefront in Spain or the Hispanic market.  

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English to Spanish Translation

English to Spanish translation

Google Translate is a useful tool for the purposes of casual translation, but when it comes to translating your specialised website or content into Spanish, nothing can replace a professional.

Our team of native and experienced Spanish translators ensure your new content is not only engaging and unique, but also that it adheres to the cultural expectations of your Spanish customers. 

They’ll make sure your freshly translated content is rich in suitable idioms, phrases and references that make your company fit in in Spain, as well as including keywords with high search volumes.

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Website Audit

SEO Audit service

A full website audit takes many diverse factors into consideration. Some may be obvious, such as identifying any broken links, page speed, duplicate pages or error messages. 

Other considerations focus on your website’s content, and of course we will also look closely at the many facets of user experience. Often, minor (but not necessarily obvious) tweaks can impact on how Google judges your site, and so a full website audit is a great starting point as you launch into Spain.    

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Spanish Backlinks & Guest Posts

Link building in Spain

Backlinks from reputable websites across Spain are a crucial way to signal to search engines that your website is relevant to Spanish internet users.

We have a network of connections across the country and can work with them to link back to your site.

We can also put together a comprehensive multilingual link building campaign, whereby we will co-ordinate guest posts to be posted on reputable, high-quality Spanish blogs. 

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Spanish Content Writing

Copywriting and content marketing

All our Spanish copywriters are educated to at least degree-level, as well as being natives. This ensures consistent, high-quality content – whether it’s for your website, an external site or email content to your customers.

Spanish marketing content tends to be written in a less formal way than in many other European countries. The tone is important, and a friendly, outgoing and welcoming approach will help you to make a great impression with future and existing clients.  

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Quality Spanish Link Building

Link building is a core part of SEO and serves three main purposes:

  1. To generate natural referral traffic to your site.
  2. To boost your position with search engines. Search engines, particularly Google, rely heavily on the volume and quality of links going to your site, with each relevant link counting as a vote of confidence.
  3. To boost your overall branding by creating great content and placing it on high authority sites.

All of these help drive traffic to your website and improve your overall reputation.

During our link building campaigns we start by completing keyword research to ensure we focus on keywords that will generate the maximum return on investment.  We then write (and design) original, well-researched content. We will build links from high authority websites that are in the same niche as yours (for example, if you have a car hire site, we will look for holiday sites or other car related sites to build links from).  Our recommendation is to use a range of different types of links to create a natural profile and we can generate Spanish links through the following methods:

  • Guest blogging on high authority, high traffic sites. Our native Spanish speakers will write engaging articles and contact bloggers to arrange for them to add the articles to their site. All articles will be Domain Authority 25 or higher, with high traffic and high TrustFlow.
  • Creating attractive and original infographics and Spanish image shares which are shared on a range of sites.
  • Managing social media profiles or using popular social networks such as Twitter to build links.
  • Writing unique content and submitting it to the top Spanish directories.

Full On-Page SEO

If your Spanish website is going to attract the maximum traffic, it is essential that it has great on-page SEO. This service includes a detailed analysis of the whole structure of your website, considering such factors as Metatags, how individual pages link together in a cohesive way, the URLs of each page and the pages they link to, which types of heading you use (H1 – H6), etc.  Other analysis includes a detailed look at the actual content – does it read well and is it compelling?  Is there a sound keyword balance?  Is there a call to action?  Are the spelling and grammar correct?

We start with an overview of your website as a whole, using software to check the Metatags of every page on your site, whether there are any broken links or other common problems, before looking at your core landing pages one by one.

Accurate Translations

If you have a multilingual website, or are creating a separate website in Spanish, we can assist by translating website information and text between Spanish, French, English and German, producing professional, accurate translations.  If required, these can also include SEO keyword research, reporting on your Spanish content to ensure a healthy keyword balance and adjusting that as necessary.

We are able to supply complete website translations, as well as translating other content, and our professional graphic designers will also work together with the translators on infographics or other images that have a text element, thus ensuring the overall effect remains cohesive and attractive.

In addition to translations, we provide Spanish copywriting of new and original articles or other content, including detailed research and thorough proof-reading. We can also help with translations between any of the following languages: English, German, French, Dutch and Italian.

A Comprehensive Marketing Service

We offer a complete Spanish marketing service including SEO, link building, copywriting, translation and web design.

If you are interested in finding out how we can help, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. We will then provide detailed recommendations on how we can help you attract more customers in Spain, South America or other Spanish speaking countries.


How is Spanish SEO different?

Spanish internet users have different expectations of a website. What might be the norm in the United Kingdom or the US, could look out of place in Spain – and may even cause offence. Language, of course, is a key difference, but different values and expectations also play a role. We have a network of contacts across the country for link building back to your site, giving it credibility with Spanish search engines – and directly affecting where your products and services rank.

Will you need to write more content for my site?

Volume of content is one of many factors Google looks at. To answer this question, we carry out keyword research, then compare your website to the top-ranking websites for each keyword. If the top-ranking sites have more content, it suggests your pages would benefit from more content too.

When deciding what to write, we look up questions visitors ask that contain your target keyword and semantically related keywords.

Is keyword research included?

Yes, we carry out extensive research to make sure you are targeting the most appropriate search terms for your business. As a European SEO agency, we specialise in multilingual keyword research, so you know you have focused on what’s right for your target country. In line with SEO best practice, we never do keyword stuffing and all your content will read naturally.

How does Spanish culture affect the best SEO strategy?

While European countries share some similarities, each one has its own unique cultural identity. This means Spanish internet users have different expectations of a website, its tone and even the marketing strategies it employs. Our SEO, web-design and copywriting teams have an in-depth understanding of all these elements, which will be incorporated into your Spanish SEO strategy.

What is the difference between on-page SEO and technical SEO?

On-page and technical SEO refer to different aspects of your website’s functioning. On-page SEO focuses on its content, your title and meta tags, and your H1 headers, among other things. Technical SEO, meanwhile, refers to your site speed, XML sitemaps and canonicalization – aspects which Google uses to index your site. 

Is there a discount for multilingual SEO campaigns?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount for multilingual SEO campaigns.

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