Real estate SEO case study

Real estate SEO case study


SEO case study

As an SEO company, we're often asked what strategy is best to rank well on Google and how important backlinks are.

I wanted to share a case study with you that explores these questions.

We completed an SEO campaign for a Swiss German real estate site, including creating backlinks and guest posts.

When we first took on the project, the site received 50k monthly organic traffic. In the past two and a half years, we've increased traffic more than fivefold, to 273k, with a corresponding increase in sales.


Organic Traffic

Organic traffic

The site now ranks in the first few results on Google for a huge range of real estate searches in Switzerland.


How does our approach compare to other strategies?

Our client has a similar site in multiple languages, as they offer real estate throughout Europe. We are responsible for link building to their .ch domain (Switzerland), other SEO companies, or their own in-house teams are responsible for each of the other countries.

This makes it a unique case study, as we can compare different link building approaches for the same company, rather than needing to compare them for competitors, where many other on-page SEO factors will also be at play.

The graph below shows how each country has fared:


European SEO - country comparison


The .ch website (Switzerland) now receives 16 times more traffic than their next best ranking site. It’s also steadily improved over time, unlike some of their other sites which have dipped.

The overall metrics of each site are:


Real estate German SEO authority scores


Their .es (Spain) domain has more backlinks, but a lower Authority. As a result, it receives 20x less traffic.

This shows that the quality of backlinks is just as important as the quantity.

All data is from Semrush.


How was our link campaign different?


We work exclusively with qualified, native speakers in six different European languages, providing real estate SEO in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. Everyone knows the importance of quality, helpful content when it comes to on-page SEO but many SEO professionals ignore it when it comes to link building. That is a major oversight. To be accepted by the best blogs, you need to deliver high-quality content. Google can also determine how well written a guest post is and this is an important ranking factor.

In addition to our experienced copywriters, we also have a talented team of graphic designers who create original images and infographics. This ensures the unique content extends to the visuals and is relevant and engaging.

Between 5-15 March 2024, Google launched a spam content algorithm update. They also released thousands of manual penalties. These targeted mass-produced, low-quality content, often generated by AI tools. This is a strong indication that Google are zeroing in on badly written or automated text, making the content in your guest posts just as important as the words on your site.


Link variety

It's a common trend to focus entirely on guest posts in a link building campaign, however our experience is that including other types of link in small volumes significantly boosts the overall results. This includes social media shares, infographic shares and directory submissions. The important part is to focus on relevant platforms and high authority sites. 

When writing articles, we research a wide range of topics and create a natural variety in the guest posts. We also use an anchor text ratio based on best SEO practices.


Quality metrics

It's relatively easy to fake the domain authority of a site. We therefore use multiple metrics and guarantee a minimum domain authority, TrustFlow and traffic, for every single guest post.

By using three metrics, dodgy sites don't slip through the net, ensuring a healthy long-term link profile.


Take your website to the next level

The above example is one of over 100 websites we've put on the first page of Google. Whether you're looking for SEO consultation, on-page SEO, or high-quality links in one or multiple languages, we're here to help.

To enhance your website's success, please contact us or give us a call on one of the numbers in the footer.