Print Graphic Design

Insightful design to give you the edge

At Indigoextra we provide a print and online graphic design service, creating marketing material that helps our clients to stand out from the crowd.

Our graphic designers understand emotion and we also have a multilingual team of copywriters (speaking English, French, German and Spanish), meaning that we can offer not just beautiful design, but also impactful content in multiple languages. 

Our marketing material will:

  • Highlight the benefits of your product or service
  • Complement your corporate identity
  • Be tailored to your target audience
  • Use a dynamic layout that makes copy easy to digest

Visual graphic design

English and FRench poster design

Original Poster Design

For local marketing and exhibitions posters are a great way to grab attention and improve your branding.  Print costs also make this a very affordable option. Our posters incorporate aspects of design and art, taking inspiration from both fields. 

The posters pictured here include:

  • Several with fun, original illustrations designed for a local theatre company
  • A harmonious design for yoga retreats
  • A French poster designed for Daily English who provide English immersion courses in France, with a space for the client to write extra details of her events
  • A poster for the Interfaith Foundation

The posters for Daily English and the Interfaith Foundation were part of larger projects that also included logo design.

Multilingual brochures

Custom Brochure Design

If you have a clear idea of what you're looking for from your leaflet, product catalogue or brochure design then you can send us a rough draft and we will convert it into a finished brochure that:

  • Is attractively laid out with plenty of white space
  • Reflects your wishes precisely - we're good listeners!
  • Can include original illustrations and an original cover design
  • Comes in a high resolution version for printing and a low resolution version for downloads

If you know you need a brochure, but aren't quite sure what to put it in, then we will:

  • Start by organising a call with an experienced copywriter to discuss your message, your unique selling points and who your target audience is
  • Write a draft of your brochure in Word for you to review and edit
  • Once the content is agreed, convert it into a beautiful custom design

CD cover artwork

CD Cover Artwork

Several creatives in our team sing or play a musical instrument and one of the things we love to do is design CD covers.

This presents the unique challenge of capturing the essence of the music in a visual form.  Whether you ask us to illustrate a specific scene mentioned in one of your songs, or capture the whole CD in a more abstract way, we'll be delighted to help you.

While the CDs pictured here are all music CDs (for Nick Kail or Peace In Our Name), if you wish to give a CD as part of a training pack or extra material at the end of a conference, imagine how much more memorable it will be (and how much more likely people are to listen to it!) if it includes original artwork.

Book cover artwork

Book Cover Artwork

We all know the saying, but the reality is that we judge a book by its cover. 

Let's face it, you have to!  How else would you decide which book to pick off a shelf, or download a sample of?  The cover creates the first impression, quickly followed by the opening pages, or customer reviews for an online book.

Similar to CD covers, we will design your book cover to capture both a specific scene and the overall essence of the book, while ensuring that the artwork creates a positive all-important first impression that encourages someone to take the next step and start reading it.

View more book cover designs.



Funny feeling board game

Board Game Graphic Design

In addition to posters, brochures, books and CDs we've also designed several board games for adults and children.

We created The Da Vinci Game in entirety, including writing 800 rhyming riddles (many of them in iambic pentameter) and designing the board, cards and playing pieces and have completed the graphic design for several other board games.  We also designed Liar Liar, Eurobabble, Plyt and Funny Feeling (pictured here).

If you work in a service industry or in education, then board games can be an exciting way to teach new concepts that will definitely set you apart from your competitors.  Read more about our game design service.