Indigoextra Testimonials

We aim to satisfy our clients in every way, by paying attention to their specific needs and providing creative, cost-efficient solutions that meet those needs.

This includes creating state of the art websites, and managing multilingual SEO and marketing campaigns to drive customers to our clients' sites. Each website we create or promote is a testimonial to our dedication to bring our clients the very best in web design and marketing.  Our clients often write to us spontaneously with a positive review of our services, and here are some of the reviews of Indigoextra Ltd. we have received:

Getting married in Scotland website design
Angie, Getting Married in Scotland

I so love and appreciate our finished website - I think it's really great.  I appreciate that you worked closely with me through all the stages that come with putting together a website.  You've been a model of perseverance, persistence and patience!  I'm sure I wasn't an easy client - I had clear ideas of what I did and didn't want.  I knew I wanted particular elements included and particular layouts, and for the feel of the website to reflect simplicity, elegance, warmth and clarity.  And I think we pulled it off!  All credit where credit is due to you for delivering the goods and for listening to me and responding.  And extra credit to you for your technical knowledge of maintaining the website and where it appears on search engines - I so appreciate that you know about these things!

Kamisori multilingual web design and translation
Kamisori - Multilingual Web Design and Translation

I am happy and very grateful for your excellent work and professionalism.

You and your team have proved to complete our required tasks on time, looked after us and helped us even when we needed things unrelated to our website work!  I'd like to continue working together in new projects in the near future ...

London guitar shop website testimonial
Jimmy, Wunjo Guitars and Free The Jam

Indigoextra offered a bespoke service at the best price, and all with that important personal touch. They were very thorough in making sure that they delivered everything I asked for ... they had the patience of angels with me! I now have not one, but two beautiful websites that came out exactly how I imagined. Thank you!!!'

Daily English website France
Sally, Daily English

I was extremely happy with your understanding of my business and the creative website that you designed, the visuals are striking and at the same time convey our services.  Indigoextra very quickly grasped our requirements and have produced a website which is easy to manage and update.

France Languedoc Roussillon tours
Shoshanna, Vin d'Ange Wine Tours

Setting up my web site was the most important priority for me to get my business started.  The project manager has been absolutely amazing throughout the entire process and is there to answer even the smallest of questions in regards to any concerns that I might have.  I would recommend Indigoextra to anyone that is looking to design a web-site without hesitation.

Shiatsu website design UK
Alison, Well Being One

Indigoextra Ltd have made the process of getting a website up and running very easy. I feel that my ideas and style influences were listened to and interpreted so that my website fully represents the image and personality of myself and my business. I have found them (Allison and Martin) very approachable and quick to make any changes that I ask them to make in response to the evolving of my business. I highly recommend using Indigoextra Ltd, they are friendly, professional and have very good creative ideas and have made my website appear at the top of the pages within all good search engines.

Peace in our name music website
Janis, Peace in our name

Just love the work you have done, absolutely brilliant!

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