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French marketing services offered

SEO Consultation

SEO strategy

Our French SEO consultation is driven by a deep understanding of Google, built over time. While we do use a wide range of marketing software, our SEO experts can easily spot problems - and implement solutions - that software often misses.

As an additional option, we can also ask for ten or more native speakers in France to visit your site, then complete a questionnaire and provide you with detailed feedback. This gives you a wealth of useful information on the content and design of your site and how it's perceived by a French audience.

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On-Page SEO

On-page SEO strategy

If you look at the traffic stats to your site, you'll discover that a small number of pages receive the vast majority of traffic. This is true for nearly every site and fits with the Pareto principle - for most outcomes, roughly 80% of consequences are due to 20% of causes. Rather than spend excessive time on the 80% of pages that will never drive signifiant traffic, we hone in on these core landing pages that will give you the best return on investment. We refine them to improve the metatags, keyword balance, add semantically related keywords and perfect the user-experience.

This will maximise your sales. If budget permits, our native French speakers will then optimise your whole site for the basics - metatags, h1 titles and URLs.

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English to French Translation

English to French translation

Using Google Translate can create some hilarious results, but not if you're the business owner and the errors are appearing on your own site.

Having a professional French translation is essential if you want customers to take you seriously. When completing SEO translations for the web, we ensure high volume keywords are incorporated in the translated text and all text is carefully proofread. As with content writing, all our English to French translators are native French speakers, qualified to degree level or above.

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SEO Audit

SEO Audit service

A French speaker will conduct an in-depth audit to identify issues that could impact your SEO, plus opportunities to increase traffic and improve your conversion rate.

The report will cover technical SEO factors, user-experience and the quality of the content. It will be presented in order of priority, with recommended solutions for each issue.

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French Link Building

Multilingual link building in France

Google place equal importance on backlinks to your site as they do on the content of the site itself. A French SEO campaign is therefore incomplete without high-quality backlinks from France.

Our links include guest posts on high authority, trustworthy and high traffic sites and social media shares. All designed to improve your Google ranking and drive traffic.

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French Copywriting

Copywriting and content marketing

If you'd like original French content on your site, we will identify which content will serve you best. Do your competitors have pages with longer content for specific keywords? Are there priority landing pages that would benefit by being developed? What questions do your customers have and are those questions currently answered?

Once we have this information, we will write engaging product descriptions, blogs that move customers further along the sales process, or guest posts to help build links to your site.

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As we work on your project, our team will constantly ask themselves:

"If search engines didn't exist, would this still make sense?"

If the answer is, "No," we will find an alternative solution.

Google has evolved. Your site needs great user-experience and natural backlinks to rank well and generate sales.

We understand this.

Link building in France

A personalised approach to on-page SEO

Personalised France SEOA large part of on-page SEO, particularly on a multilingual website, is adapting content to a French audience. But how exactly does one go about this?

Obviously translating text into French, or writing new content from scratch for the market in France is essential, however there are subtleties of culture that also need to be considered. When creating French content, we research semantic keywords - terms related to your core concept that the top 10 websites use. Our experienced native writers then interweave this in the translated content in a natural fashion, or recommend which elements specific pages are missing.

This is a scientifically proven approach and has improved our client's rankings considerably.

As well as researching and writing original content and translating content from English to French, we can also:

  • Provide SEO strategy consultation including identifying keywords you can realistically rank for.
  • Optimise the Title and Description Metatags and URLs
    These elements appear in Google's search results and are particularly important.
  • Complete in-depth page optimisation
    For this, we also enhance content to improve conversion rates, user-experience and semantic keywords.
  • SEO consultation and website audits to find and resolve technical factors and improve the content.

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Link building on high authority sites

LinksThe French translation of SEO is “Référencement”. This indicates the importance of both on-page SEO and "referencing" - building links to your site. Indeed, Google place equal weight on both on-page content and backlinks.

Our link building services focus on high authority links from relevant sites. This includes:​


Guest blogging

Our native French writers will create high-quality and original articles. All content will be well researched and written to be engaging and informative.

We then find websites in your niche that accept guest posts and arrange for the articles to be published. We specifically target high authority sites (DA25 - 80) with at least 500 monthly visits. If you have specific requirements, just let us know, we are able to accommodate most requests to meet DA/TF/Traffic targets.

As a result of our guest posting service, you will receive a flow of highly targeted traffic to your website in addition to Google seeing the links and boosting you in the search engine rankings as a result of them.

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Social media and image marketing

Social media marketingFacebook visits from France

Using Indigoextra’s service gives you the advantage of having a talented graphic design team available in addition to content writers and link builders. This means that when we create your Twitter or Facebook page, we will ensure that the profile and background pictures are beautifully designed. It also means we can create stunning infographics and other shareable social media images. Once shared on your social media profiles and infographic sharing sites, these images will help raise awareness of your brand and create organic links to your site.




Translation and copywriting

Whether we're doing French link building or on-page SEO, creating content is a core part of the service we provide.

All content is written by native speakers who take into account the aims of three different groups:

  • Google - By incorporating appropriate keywords a healthy number of times and writing carefully tailored metatags.
  • Your customer - By ensuring content is engaging and relevant to the needs and goals of your potential customers.
  • You - By including call to actions within the content and keeping the end goal of increasing sales in mind.


Why we’re the right SEO company in France for you

Estimated traffic in 2020

Indigoextra has offered French SEO and link building services since we were first established in 2006. We have an intimate understanding of how Google works and we’re always up to date with the latest search engine developments. During this time, we have helped numerous clients achieve first page positions with and gain substantial increases in traffic. See our SEO case studies for more details.

Your project will be run by a bilingual SEO Project Manager, so you’re free to communicate in English with the knowledge that a highly experienced team based in France is completing the work for you. We will also tailor our work to your requirements. Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive service, or a French SEO company to supplement your in-house work, we’re happy to help.



What factors are essential to rank well?

The following factors are some of the priorities when it comes to ranking well with

  • A professionally written (or translated) website that’s carefully proofread and includes a healthy keyword balance, naturally woven into the text.
  • For your core landing pages, text that's a reasonable length when compared to your competitors, is engaging, and uses semantically relevant words and phrases.
  • Good spelling and grammar. Except in the URL (web address), we always prioritise this over using exact keywords.
  • Metatag titles and descriptions that are localised for visitors in France, are the appropriate length, and encourage visitors to click them.
  • An attractive web design that includes elements that will appeal to a French audience and tell French speakers that they're on a trustworthy site.
  • High-quality links from high authority, relevant, French language websites.

How do you select keywords?

We start each project by choosing the best keywords and phrases capable of generating enquiries. We analyse:

  • Sales potential - Is the keyword relevant? Does it target products that sell in volume or have a high profit margin?
  • Current position - Moving you to the top few results will generate by far the most traffic.
  • Monthly search volume - How many people in France search for a particular phrase on Google each month.
  • Keyword difficulty - How challenging each keyword is to rank for (based on the top 20 ranking pages for each keyword).

Can you implement the on-page SEO work?

Our digital marketing agency can work in one of the following ways:

  • We optimise content, complete translations, etc. and provide you the content in Word documents or Excel spreadsheets.
  • We complete the above SEO work and also implement all the changes to products and blogs.
  • If you have a Drupal or WordPress site, we can also translate your entire site into French, including the checkout process, etc.

What quality of sites do you place French guest posts on?

When completing a French guest post campaign for a client, we ensure guest posts are placed on sites that are:

  • Relevant to your business.
  • Have plenty of interesting, new content.
  • Have at least 1,000 monthly visits.
  • Domain Authority 25-80
  • TrustFlow 12-60

If you require higher metrics, just let us know. We can accommodate most requests.

See our European link building page for more information.

Can you help optimise my Amazon store?

Yes, we can also complete SEO for your Amazon store.

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