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Logo Creation

A logo design is an important aspect of your company's identity -- it reveals who you are. Your corporate identity should reflect your company's objectives and reinforce the accomplishment of your bottom-line ...That's were we come in.

Corporate Identity & Logo Design Services

We create logos as vector graphics, which allows you to resize the logo design to any size you want, for example:

  • High resolution logos for printing.
  • Low resolution logos for use online.
  • A logo as part of a banner or website header.

If you'd like us to create more than just your logo, we're happy to help create:

  • Ready to print business letterhead paper, business cards, etc.
  • Brochures and leaflet design & creation of other promotional materials.
  • Your whole website, or alternatively a website header that incorporates your logo, a photo or other image and business tagline.

When we complete your logo design we will send it to you in all the file formats that you require for different uses and as a vector graphic.  If you're thinking of creating a new logo for your business, you may wish to read our blog on how to create a great logo design.

The Creative Design Process

The logo design process doesn't start by putting pen to paper, or even pen to graphic tablet, instead it starts by ensuring that we gain a thorough understanding of your business and of what your want your logo to represent.

A logo symbolises your business and should reflect its qualities and strengths.  If you run a small company, then we often recommend that the logo incorporates a symbol of the actual product or service that you offer too.  It's about showing what makes your company unique.  That's where our logo design process starts.

We have an experienced team of graphic designers and can create logos as 3D vector graphics from the word go or start by creating them as an artwork and convert them into a 3D vector later in the process.  We will carefully select colours, shapes and fonts (if needed) that best define your company and are happy to refine the logo design based on your feedback.

For an estimate or to find out further details about our corporate identity and logo design services, please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and to provide a quote.

  • With Love - London Restaurant Logo Design

    With Love, a new cafe and restaurant in London, NW6, came to us with a beautiful draft design of their logo, incorporating a subtle heart shape.  We created their logo as a vector graphic, so that they could use it at a large scale on the outside of their restaurant, as well as on napkins, menus, etc.

    The name of the restaurant embodies the care and attention with which they prepare and serve food and drinks.

  • Daily English Logo

    Example of a logo we created as a vector graphic for Daily English, who organise English language immersion courses for French students in France.  We were requested to convey in the logo that it's a French student staying with an English family in France, hence our choice of using the British and French flags as part of the design.

    The project for Daily English also included creating the website, business cards, posters, a certificate of attendance and a brochure, all of which feature the logo as a graphic prominently within them.

    The logo received a good response from both Daily English and their customers.

  • Bass Opera Singer Logo

    We created the logo for Tormey Woods, a bass opera singer.  We designed it using a mirror image of a bass clef to create the impression of a suit and experimented with various layouts to ensure that the overall design is both dynamic and professional.

  • Bed and Breakfast Logo

    Logo creation for a French Bed and Breakfast in Languedoc-Roussillon - B&B@23

  • Logo for an actor

    We created the logo pictured here for Saskian Woods, an actor, using white space to show the 'S' for Saskian and the traditional happy and tragic masks associated with acting.

  • Hamper logo

    A producer of luxury hampers asked us to design a series of images to represent their product at its best, including the logo shown here.

  • Graphic design for a yoga site

    The logo design we created for a yoga website in Languedoc Roussillon, France embodies the essence of yoga and like many of our logos for small businesses, clearly shows what the service offered is.  Our blog on how to create great logo designs for small businesses explains why we often use very representative designs, rather than more symbolic designs when creating a logo for a small business.

  • Corporate ID for One Spirit Interfaith Foundation

    UK Interfaith Foundation bannerFor the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation we created their corporate identity, which included:

    • Logo redesign
    • Web redesign
    • Creating custom leaflets
    • Large banner design (pictured right)
  • Logo for a French holiday site

    For Net Me France, a French holiday website that offers computer holidays in France, we created the logo pictured here, using the colours of France in the wording and a monitor the shape of France, with the section of the map showing Corsica representing the mouse.

  • Funny photo-montage design

    This funny photo montage design was used as part of a spoof parachuting cats website called Fly Cat Fly.

  • Stylish logo creation and website layout

    We created the website and logo for Andrew Hunter, an interfaith minister who requested something simple and stylish.

  • Creative web design for Well Being One

    Well Being One is a Shiatsu clinic who we completed a web design for, incorporating the logo shown here.

    As the client's business expanded and grew more successful, Alison also offered Chi Kung, Craniosacral Therapy and Facial Massage and therefore felt that it was time for a logo redesign, as the first one was too specific to Shiatsu.  At that point, she asked us to create something that was more symbolic, when we created the new logo shown below.

    Well Being One - Shiatsu in Essex

  • Logo and boardgame design

    We created two board games for Pants on Fire Games - Liar Liar and Eurobabble and as part of the design process created the logo shown here.

  • Maison des Enfants Header

    For the Maison des Enfants website (which translates as 'House of Children'), we designed this attractive, incorporating a new logo that we created with bold and beautiful colours that would appeal to children.  Click the image below for a close-up of the header.

    Maison des Enfants Header - France

  • CNMI Guide

    For the CNMI Guide - a guide to the Northern Mariana Islands, we designed a simple, elegant logo designed to look good over a range of different colourful photographs that are used as backgrounds on the CNMI Guide website.

    The logo had a professional design as a vector graphic, so that it could be easily scaled to any size.

    Professional website - CNMI Guide

  • Aude Maison

    Logo design for a Bed and Breakfast in Aude, Languedoc

  • Yin and Yang Graphic Design

    This Yin and Yang design was for a hair testing analysis service for cats and other animals, symbolizing a holistic approach.

  • Scotland Counselling Site

    As part of the website design for Muncle's Bridge, a counsellor in Scotland offering counselling and support to teenagers, we also incorporate this design into the website banner and corporate identity and incorporated it into their business cards.