French link building

Website Promotion in France


Thousands of people are searching the internet at this very moment.  By taking advantage of Indigoextra’s French SEO service, you will witness your business grow and:

  • Have links generated to your site from relevant high quality, high authority websites.
  • Appear higher in the search results for relevant keyword searches with and other French search engines.
  • Receive more visitors to your site as a result of this, which in turn will increase sales.


High Authority French Links

Google takes a lot of different factors into account when deciding how much value to place on a given link and it's important that links come from a range of different sources.

The general guideline is to ask yourself - if search engines didn't exist, would this link still make sense?  If you can answer 'yes' to this question, then odds are the link will also help with your SEO, i.e. your position in Google's search results.  Link farms and automated link schemes simply don't work any more.

When creating links, we therefore focus on quality - creating unique, original content in the form of articles, press releases, company details for directories, infographics and shareable images.  We also use Moz's Domain Authority as an up-to-date measure of the overall quality of a website.  This has replaced PageRank as the internet standard, as PageRank hasn't been updated in years and in March 2016 Google officially announced that they were removing the PageRank toolbar.

Domain Authority is on a scale from 1 to 100 and the higher it is, the more quality links a website has going to it and the more valuable a link from that site will be.  By taking Domain Authority into account, this ensure the links to your site are from high quality, reputable websites. 


Link Building Process

We start by completing a detailed keyword analysis to identify the best keywords to target.  Each month we then:

  • Write unique articles and other content taking these keywords into account and design image shares and infographics and send these to you for approval.
  • After any edits, arrange for the content to be published.
  • Send you a monthly report of the URL of all published links, the Domain Authority of each site and your position for target keywords.


Niche Articles - Guest Blogging

One effective SEO strategy is guest blogging - writing interesting articles with unique content and placing them on relevant French websites and blogs.  As part of every French link building campaign, one of our fluent French speakers will therefore write educational articles related to the product or service that you offer.  We then organise each article to be added to a relevant French website, where possible including images that we will create or source for you.  Each article will also include a link either within the article itself or in the 'About the Author' section, taking people to your site.  Google index these links and will give your site a boost in the rankings because of them and you will receive direct traffic from the article itself.


Directory Submissions

Since Google Penguin it's important to be selective when doing directory submissions, as Google penalise sites with a lot of poor quality links going to them and this includes spammy directories.  Submitting to hundreds of directories therefore means at best that the poor ones will neutralise the benefit of the good ones.

We therefore only submit to the top French directories (based on traffic, Alexa rank and whether the directory is niche to your industry), writing lengthy, unique descriptions of the unique selling points of your company with each submission.  Where allowed, we will also include links to your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter profiles from the directory, or deep links to internal pages on your site.

Proven SEO Success

France link building

We have placed over 100 websites on the 1st page with Google and complete French link building campaigns for a range of small, medium and large businesses every month.  Examples of some of the keywords we have helped our clients reach a 1st page position for include:




Station Météo


Pays Bas


Skate Shoes

Gants en Cuir

Imprimantes d'étiquette

Contrôle Parental

Gestion des identités

We carefully keep track of Google's algorithm updates to ensure that links include a healthy range of keywords and good anchor texts, however we also understand that link building is not just about counting keywords and checking a site's domain authority.  We therefore ensure that all French content is written by fluent French speakers and is both engaging and well researched.  We have an ever expanding database of websites and webmasters who we contact to place articles and other links on their sites.

Image Shares

As well as writing content, we've found that creating beautiful infographics, quotagraphics and other image shares and distributing them on social media sites, infographic sharing sites et al is an effective link building strategy.  One example of a quotagraphic is shown below, you can also view examples of our:

French social media image shares

View our SEO in France page to view more information on our other French SEO services, or contact us for a quote.