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  • Original graphic design company

    Multilingual graphic design experts

    Our graphic designers utilize their imagination and creative skills in graphic design, illustration and fine art to create artwork that will help your company stand out from the crowd in 6 different European languages - English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.  Our original graphic designs for websites and print media includes:

    For more information on our graphic design services, please contact us.  There is no graphic design too small or large for our talented designers to handle.  We are committed to providing our clients with designs that are relevant, professional and compelling and our agency includes a team of native speaking translators, meaning we're an ideal choice for multilingual projects too.

  • Graphic web design

    Website designs that appeal to a local audience

    A website has several components such as the colour scheme, layout design and header design.  When these components are attractively designed and complement each other, the end result is a visually appealing website.

    Our creative graphic designers understand how graphic design impacts a business and we work with a team from different countries throughout Europe to be sure the design is tailored to a local audience.

    How do your website visitors perceive your business?

    Often times, website owners become so anxious to get their website launched that they will cut corners in the design process.  They will choose a pre-designed web template over a custom designed web template to save money and time.  Unfortunately, there may be hundreds and even thousands of other businesses with the exact web design template.

    If you want to separate your image from your competition, you need a design that is unique and intriguing.  Otherwise, your website will be lost in a myriad of other cookie-cutter web graphic designs on the Internet.

    With our creative graphic design team, you receive an original graphic design from an experienced graphic illustration designer. Having a customized graphic design is well worth the investment.

  • English, French or Multilingual Print Design

    We will create a brochure, leaflet, business card or other print design in whatever language you want, with a team who specialise in English, French and multilingual graphic design.  We work closely with our clients to gain an in depth understanding of their specific needs and design their print material to show their product or service at its best, taking into account their needs and providing recommendations on colour, fonts, format, etc. and important general information, such as the company's ethos and objectives.

    Using this information, we will set to work on the creative process, with one or several graphic designers available to create designs that are innovative and will reflect your industry, ethos and the specific project at hand.

    Our print design services include:

    • Logo Design
    • Business cards
    • Brochures and leaflets
    • Presentation folders
    • Company stationery
    • Press Kits
    • Newspaper and magazine adverts

    For a free estimate for our Graphic Design Services, please contact us.

  • Brand Marketing

    Internet Marketing

    Build your Brand Image ...Increase Your Business & Boost Sales

    It is an undeniable fact, when you enhance your business image, you attract more potential clients.  As a result, you increase your conversion rate and boost sales. In order to achieve this level of success, your graphic design image must be up to par.

    The graphic design you choose will send out strong messages to your web visitors. People can easily detect whether a company is a trusted corporation, a cutting-edge start-up, a creative small business or a carbon copy of another business.

    Whether you need a new website designed, you need to enhance the image of an existing site or are looking for print graphics, we will create an award-winning design for your business.

    For a free estimate on our Graphic Design Services, contact us today.  One of our representatives will assist you with in questions or concerns you may have.  We’re looking forward to fulfilling all your graphic design needs.

  • Sample infographic France


    Infographics are a powerful way to communicate information while reinforcing your branding.  Indigoextra have created a selection of original infographics and some of our clients have asked us to create over 20 infographics for them to illustrate different messages and help market their business and we aim to create a unique and original infographic every single time.

    Infographics can be used to:

    • Educate your clients or customers while subtly reinforcing your brand.
    • Help illustrate a decision making process.
    • As part of an effective search engine optimization campaign, by sharing them on social media and image sharing sites.
    • They can even be used to illustrate the rules for a game!

    If you're an international company, then we can complete the research and design for your infographic once, then translate it into multiple languages, making them even better value for money.