Multilingual SEO in Europe

European SEO Services

SEO Strategy

SEO strategy

Our SEO consultant has 20 years of experience and has put over 100 websites on the first page of Google. We understand how Google thinks. Our team of multilingual experts can rank your site across different countries in Europe.

Our consultancy begins with an SEO audit and includes strategy creation and content planning.

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SEO Translation Services

European web translation service

Our team of translators are qualified, native speakers with at least 4 years of experience. They understand the subtleties of SEO and will convey your message professionally and eloquently, taking the local culture into account.

We offer translation services between the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

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On-Page SEO

Website Optimisation

Our SEO audits review the on-page technical and content issues, identifying which are holding your website back and which are safe to ignore. We will then fix any broken links, page speed issues, 404 pages or other errors.

Our multilingual team also reviews your Metatags, URLs and other important content elements.

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SEO Audit

SEO audit

Our SEO expert and multilingual team will carry out an in-depth analysis of your website. This takes into account aspects such as user experience, quality of content, navigation options and its overall design. We also audit your backlinks.

Finally, we review the checkout and contact pages, as these are essential for your conversion rate.

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Link Building in Europe

European link building agency

Building bilingual or multilingual backlinks is a highly effective strategy for boosting your SEO. We have an extensive network of contacts with high-authority, trustworthy sites in France, Germany, Spain and other European countries.

Guest posts will be written by experts and placed on these leading publications.

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Multilingual Content Writing

Multilingual SEO content

The quality and relevance of content is Google's number 1 ranking factor. It determines how long visitors spend on your site, your conversion rate, and where you appear in the search results. AI generated content simply doesn't cut it.

We will follow a content plan that provides you with the optimal return on investment.

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The benefits of European SEO

Multilingual SEO is the most effective way to reach potential customers across the globe. A study by IAB Europe, a leading authority on internet marketing trends in various European countries, concluded that the average European spends 15 hours every week browsing the internet. 96% of all European internet users search online for purchases. Companies and organisations seeking to expand their customer base and visibility in European markets have a clear interest in boosting their ranking on local versions of Google and other search engines.

That’s easier said than done. SEO ranking factors are constantly being refined to prevent businesses from artificially boosting their search engine results. Any SEO marketing strategy requires state-of-the-art knowledge of how Google ranks websites. When looking to expand your online presence in Europe, make sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Develop a clear SEO strategy
  • Ensure your site has good UX
  • Do country-specific keyword research
  • Translate existing content with SEO in mind
  • Create quality content
  • Prioritise multilingual link building

Let’s run through each of those in-depth:



Ensure your website takes off effortlessly

You get the biggest piece of the pie



Develop a clear SEO strategy

Whether you're looking to expand in one or multiple countries in Europe, the first step is ensuring you have a good SEO strategy in place.

We start by identifying which language(s), pages and keywords are your priority based on the potential profit they will bring your business.

This identifies the what. We then complete an SEO audit to identify the how. This includes a thorough analysis of on-page and off-page factors using a range of SEO tools and a manual review by an SEO consultant with 20 years of experience. One or multiple copywriters will also check core pages of your site for the quality of content in every language required.

Once the audit is complete, we will present the ideal digital marketing strategy to you. We prioritise low-hanging fruit - work that is quick to implement and generates a high return on investment.


Keyword research and competitor analysis

SEO back the right horse

See our full guide on completing international keyword research.

A crucial step for any international SEO strategy is conducting thorough keyword research for each of your target languages.

Several countries in Europe use multiple languages, so start by identifying which languages are your priority. It's also essential to do country-specific keyword research even for English SEO. For example "mobile phone" has more searches in the UK, whereas in the US "cell phone" is the common term. We identify keywords you rank for in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian, plus do a keyword gap analysis, comparing your site to those of your leading competitors.

Take keyword difficulty into account. We start by identifying the toughest keywords your site currently ranks in the top 5 for, as 70% of clicks are to the top 5 results. This gives us a benchmark to determine which keywords are achievable in the short-term for any given SEO campaign, ensuring we deliver short-term and long-term results.



German content marketing


France Search Engine Optimisation




  • User-experience optimisation

    A recent Semrush study of Google’s ranking factors shows that visitor experience is hugely important to search engine ranking - not to mention its impact on conversion rates. The amount of time visitors spend on a website and the number of pages viewed by each visitor are more important than how often a specific keyword appears on a page. 

    In addition to providing a full web design service for WordPress and Drupal sites, we also offer user-experience optimisation which:

    • Ensures visitors have a positive first impression so stay on your site longer.
    • Improves page speed, particularly on mobile devices where it's often lacking.
    • Is responsive and looks great on mobiles, tablets, and monitors.
    • Is accessible - is visible and easy to navigate for all users.

    "Design is not just what it looks like" Steve Jobs


    German translation

    SEO Translations

    People sometimes tell me, "All Germans speak English", yet if you look at the top 20 keywords for and compare the original German and English translation, there are over 40 times as many German searches as English searches. The same is true for other European countries. This makes web translation an essential component of any multilingual SEO project.

    We can:

    Our team of native speakers will translate, localise and optimise content to perfectly target your European markets.

  • Creating quality content

    Everyone knows to avoid keyword stuffing and other ancient SEO tricks. These days the temptation is to have AI write your content for you. In March 2024, Google launched a spam update which penalised AI content in addition to issuing thousands of manual penalties to sites comprising predominantly AI generated content.

    We use AI in keyword research, brainstorming ideas, identifying link building opportunities and subtle editing touches. 100% of our content is manually written by qualified native speakers in the specific language they write in. We work with some of the best copywriters and translators in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

    Our focus is on quality, whether we're writing content for blog posts, product pages, guest posts, or anything else.

    Learn more about our SEO content creation strategy.

    International SEO Services

  • Writing multilingual content for the web

    Multilingual Link Building

    Business owners and marketers often notice they get far more traffic from one country than another. If this happens, the first thing to check is the quality of your translation and whether on-page differences might explain it.

    Failing that, your backlink profile is by far the most likely explanation. Links are a crucial ranking factor for Google, making multilingual link building essential for SEO in multiple languages. They also drive organic traffic to your site and this further boosts your Google ranking.

    We focus on social media shares, infographics, and guest posts placed on the leading platforms in your industry. Many SEO professionals ignore the quality of the actual writing when it when it comes to link building. That is a major oversight. Google can just as easily determine how well written a guest post is, as any other type of content. The best blogs will also reject poorly written articles.

    This is why our qualified, native copywriters take just as much pride in the guest posts they create, as they do the articles they write for on-page SEO.

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What qualifications do your SEO team have?

At Indigoextra, our multilingual copywriters and SEO experts are all qualified to degree level or above. What’s more, they are experienced planning multilingual SEO campaigns across a variety of industries and sectors, and understand the nuances and subtleties of all the countries and cultures they deal with. And it goes without saying, that they all have great references too.

While copywriters only work in their mother tongue, they are all bilingual, allowing us to deliver bilingual SEO services with ease and to a high standard.

Which industries do you cover?

Over the years, we have worked with a diverse range of B2B and B2C companies, supporting them with their SEO needs. We have generated outstanding results regardless of the industry. All that we stipulate is that your industry lies within our ethical policy, which you can read here.

Is keyword research included?

Absolutely. An important part of SEO is ensuring the right keywords are targeted. We carry out analytical research so that your company targets the most relevant and beneficial terms. As a European SEO agency, we specialise in multilingual keyword research, looking at works best in your target country. And, in accordance with the best SEO practice, we never stuff your site or content with keywords for the sake of it.

What is multilingual link building?

The term “link building” refers to the process of having other websites place links to yours. It is a big help in terms of SEO, as Google places significant weight on links from other sites. Multilingual link building takes into consideration the way people use the internet in different countries.

Is there a discount for multilingual SEO campaigns?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount for multi-language SEO campaigns.

What other factors affect European SEO?

Each country in Europe has its own culture and way of doing things. We use native experts who understand the cultural expectations and traditions that govern how each country’s inhabitants use the internet and shop online. This allows us to tailor your campaign to maximise its effect. You can read more about how culture affects marketing in Europe.

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