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SEO Strategy

SEO strategy

From global brands to local start-ups, we can review your site and advise on the best SEO strategy for your company.

The strategy will reflect your needs and budget and be carefully refined by our SEO experts to give you the best return on investment.

Build your SEO strategy

SEO Audit

SEO Audit service

Our SEO audit looks at a range of technical factors, content, and backlinks. We advise on how to increase traffic and improve conversion rates.

For multilingual sites, native speakers in each relevant language will add their insights to enhance the audit’s value.

Audit your website

Keyword Research

Multilingual keyword research

It’s essential that each campaign targets the right keywords.

We complete market research to identify thousands of your competitors’ keyword rankings. We then match relevant, high-traffic keywords to each page on your site.

Find the keywords you're missing

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO strategy

Our essential on-page SEO service covers the basics - writing metatags, h1 titles and URLs.

We also offer an in-depth service for priority landing pages. This includes the above, plus editing text to improve keyword density, semantically related words and conversion rates.

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Multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO in the UK and Europe

We provide high-quality English and multilingual SEO services. All copywriters are native speakers educated to degree level or above.

Would you like to improve your online presence in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, or Spain?

Rank high in multiple countries

Content Creation

Content marketing

Whether it’s expanding your product pages, writing a blog that actually drives organic traffic, or creating guest posts, content creation is core to any SEO campaign.

We start by creating a content marketing plan designed to generate results.

Create a success-driven content plan


Web Translation

European web translation agency

As part of our multilingual marketing services, we offer website translation from English to French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish, or between any of these European languages.

Why limit your growth to the UK when you can go international?

Translate your website

Web Design

Europe web design company

A mobile friendly-site with good page speed is better for SEO. An attractively designed site will also keep visitors on your page longer and increase conversions.

In addition to being a successful SEO company, we also offer web design services in the UK and Europe. Want to improve your site design, or considering a whole new website? We’re here to help.

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EU/UK Link Building

European link building

50% of Google’s search engine rankings algorithm is based on the backlinks going to a site.

We have therefore established a wide network of bloggers in the UK and Europe who accept guest posts. This allows us to provide a reliable long-term link building service.

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“I just want to inform you that you’re doing a great job at Indigoextra.
Keep up this work. First 5 months Y2Y.
Over 200% improvement of our organic traffic."


“Indigoextra delivered consistently high-quality work during the 3-year partnership.”

Our SEO agency has helped hundreds of European and British companies to expand.

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Our Process

Many agencies apply a blanket approach to marketing, treating every website the same. Our approach will be tailored to your site and is based on 17 years’ experience in delivering successful SEO to clients in the UK and Europe.

We start every international SEO campaign by assigning a dedicated Project Manager who speaks your language. We then complete a client profile to identify your goals, preferred writing style, target audience and target keywords. What happens next is different for every client.

Some clients request our SEO audit service or marketing consultation in order to identify which SEO strategies will be the most effective for their business. If this is you, we will begin with the consultation – providing you with clear recommendations in order of priority. We can then either help implement the proposed strategy or answer any questions your in-house team has.

Other clients prefer to dive straight into on-page SEO, content marketing or link building – in English or a range of European languages. Once the initial client profile and keyword research are complete, on a monthly basis, our SEO firm will:

  1. Write and proofread all content, and design images
  2. Send our work to you for feedback or approval
  3. Complete the on-page SEO, copywriting, translation and links
  4. Send you comprehensive monthly reports to keep you in the know


Our Most Popular Languages

We work exclusively with copywriters and translators who are native speakers, educated to degree-level or above with plenty of relevant experience.

We can provide international SEO services with long-term benefits in multiple languages, so if a language isn’t listed here, please check, we may still be able to help.

The languages we specialise in are:



German content marketing


France Search Engine Optimisation





What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of helping your site rank high in the unpaid, organic search results on Google. It is different from Pay Per Click (PPC) which requires you to pay Google every time someone clicks to view your site. With SEO, you don’t pay Google anything.

SEO is achieved in three ways:

  • Page optimisation – improving the content of your site.
  • Technical SEO – improving your site’s structure, page speed and design.
  • Link building – building relevant backlinks to your site from high authority domains.

Do you need access to my site?

Normally, no, we can provide all content in the form of Word documents or spreadsheets if you’d prefer to edit your own site. For website audits, our SEO consultant will need access to both Google Analytics and Google Search Console. We can help you with the necessary steps to install these and share access with our SEO agency.

How long before I see results?

If your current on-page SEO is poor, or you’ve never done any link building before, we would expect you to see results a few days after we implement the changes. If we’re building on existing success, it can take three to four months before our monthly SEO package delivers significant improvements.

Do you offer eCommerce SEO?

Yes, the majority of our clients have eCommerce websites.

Which languages do you offer marketing services in?

We specialise in providing SEO and link building services in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Italian. We also offer marketing services in a range of other European languages, please check if you’re interested in a language not on the above list.

When can I get started?

Straight away. Just contact us with details of your requirements.

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