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It's All About Communication

Try to imagine a world without communication.

Without communication, society would have never evolved, and we would never have the rich, diverse culture we have today.

However, it is the right communication that makes the difference. The right communication creates ideas in our minds and helps us to progress as humans and understand each other.

To meet this need to communicate to the Italian market, we offer a full English to Italian translation service with qualified and experienced translators. We also translate between Italian ó English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish.


A Taste of Italy

Italian translation serviceItaly is a nation with a high digitalization rate.

It is a country rich in culture, with worldwide recognized treasures. Italy has always amazed the world for its technological, architectural, and artistic innovations. It delivers important projects and collaborates in many fields with other countries around the world.

Italy is the country in the EU where the fewest people speak English (29% of Italians have some level of English). So, while English is recognized as an international language and millions of people speak it, it is essential for companies looking to sell their services in Italy to communicate in Italian!

This data shows how important it is to translate English websites into Italian, since even Italians who speak some English prefer to read in their native language and will use local keywords in Google.


The Importance of an Accurate Translation

Mark Twain lightning difference translation quote

A professional Italian translation is important for two main reasons:

  • It provides a detailed understanding of services and products to encourage people to buy
  • It improves the ranking of a site on search engines

To be "local" means to speak the same language, to use the same colloquial terms and keywords, and the same expressions familiar to your target audience. Different countries have different levels of formality and using the right tone also helps ensure consumers feel close to your company. This is essential to build customer loyalty in the short and long term.

More and more often the terms "localize" or “transcreate” are being used instead of translation.

Localization means taking care of the transposition of a particular accent or synonym, which in turn is key to expanding your business. It means offering products and services to an audience that already has tens of millions of active users every day.

For example, ‘turn a blind eye’ is the perfect localization for ‘fare orecchie da mercante’, even though the two idioms are completely different from each other. A literal English translation is ‘have the ears of a merchant.’

And what about the infamous ‘good luck’ that for the Italians is ‘get on a wolf’s mouth’ (‘in bocca al lupo’), and becomes the English ‘break a leg’?

Neither seems to be positive, but both mean ‘good luck and, if you put this wish in the wrong place, the sentence loses all its meaning and in an Italian translation would leave readers who don’t speak English very confused!

In business terms, when a website and its contents are translated to Italian, users will be more inclined to buy because they are more likely to have trust in your company. They will better understand the information and will therefore be satisfied knowing what to expect after their purchase.


A Step By Step Guide

The main steps for a high-quality translation are:

  • Keywords Research
  • Metatag Translation
  • SEO Translation
  • Localization, optimization, and proofreading of the whole text

These will help ensure your Italian text is fluent and your website ranks well with Google.it.


Keyword Research

A successful translation starts with keywords localization, which are common terms entered by users in the search engine bar.

Keywords must be translated according to research that shows which, in the target language, are the most common and most relevant to the original ones. It’s also important to consider keyword difficulty / SEO challenge to identify keywords that are easy to rank for in Italy.



Metatags are essential to provide Google with useful information in an SEO context to improve the ranking of a website. They are also the only information visitors have about your site in the search results and appear by default on social media shares to sites like Facebook and Twitter.

When translating them it's essential to ensure that they contain relevant keywords and are the correct lengths. If either the Meta Title or Meta Description are too long, Google won't show the whole Metatag and this isn't ideal for SEO.


SEO Translation

Multilingual website translation

The automatic translators available online have made some steps forward in the last ten years, but they are really far from offering complete sentences, even in the most popular languages.

Using a low-cost translation service or an online tool means leaving quality behind and giving up good communication to customers and users. Offering content in a native language shows how focused you are on consumers and their satisfaction. A good English to Italian translation leaves no room for misunderstandings or limitations imposed by different languages.

The world of translations has rules and aspects that only a true human translator, who has studied in linguistic and related fields, can meet. It’s also essential to use a native Italian speaker.

In case of commercial texts, it is important to know how to translate the marketing message that a brand wants to send to its customers, so that it can be as close as possible to the original and reflect the corporate identity.

Once the text has been translated, it must be optimized for a specific audience. Place the keywords correctly within the text so that they are intelligible and comprehensible. Google also consider the quality of the translation as a ranking factor in the SERPs, so ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes, even if this means not using a keyword exactly as it is.

See more on best practices in website translation.


Italian Translations You Can Count On

  • Indigoextra offers two major guarantees: knowledge and experience.

    Every Indigoextra translator is qualified to at least degree level and has years of experience in the world of SEO translation and content writing.

    These two factors make Indigoextra professionals the ideal choice for every website translation, localization, and business expansion project.

    Whether it is a translation from Italian into English or vice versa, Indigoextra finds the main problems and solves them by rewriting different parts of a site or document in order to always offer a text that is perfectly comprehensible to its intended audience.

    Italian language

SEO Localization Makes the Difference

An SEO translation helps improving the ranking of your site on Google and on major search engines.

Search engines use advanced algorithms to offer the most relevant results based on keyword searches.

For eCommerce websites, Indigoextra will automate the translation of all key elements such as sizes and colours for each product. They will also create a multilingual version of your website with a shared database. This saves hosting costs and reduces future web design and development time.

A professional SEO translation opens the boundaries to any business and with the increased traffic and improved conversion rate, will increase your sales.

Expand your business now with our Italian translation service: contact us for a free quote.