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Multilingual website translation service in Europe

  • A web translation service you can count on

    Do you ever search on Google in a language you don't understand?

    Keyword research shows that 97% of Europeans search in their first language. What's more, even if they speak a second language, it doesn't mean they would trust it. In Germany, where 56% of the population speaks English, 57% would never buy from a non-German website according to a study by CSA Research.

    A website full of typos, bad translations or hilarious mistakes will also put potential customers off, reduce their trust in your product and ultimately fail to convert.

    Indigoextra provide a professional website translation service by qualified experts that also helps boost your Google ranking in multiple languages.

    We offer full SEO friendly translations from English to French, German, Spanish, Italian or Dutch, or between any of these six languages. Our service includes:

    • Keyword research, SEO translation and Metatag optimization (this is essential for SEO and ensures that your website will reach the widest possible audience).
    • Translation by a fluent bilingual speaker who will translate the content into their mother tongue and who has previous experience in translation and/or marketing.
    • Careful proofreading.
    • We can either provide the translated content as a Word document or Excel spreadsheet, or alternatively we will complete all the technical work required to add the content to your site – using your CMS to translate your site where possible, or we also offer a multilingual web design service if required.
    • Translating images, email messages and other miscellaneous content.

    In short we will complete the whole process for you from start to finish. We will manage your project with care, provide consultation on the best approach to take and ensure that on completion your website reads naturally and is fully optimized for search engines. If required, we can also offer a website redesign or multilingual content marketing campaign as part of the overall service.

    English websites - Call a spade a spade

  • English to French translation

    Fluent translations from qualified, native speakers

    We are able to translate content between any two Western European languages (e.g. German to Spanish or English to French translations). Our team includes fluent speakers in English, French, German and Spanish. When translating between other languages the translation aspect of the project will be completed by another company with whom we have worked for several years and who have rigorous controls to ensure that translations are of the highest quality.

    We have successfully created websites that involved English to French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Italian translations. If we are translating your website into English, we can use either British or American English, as you wish.

    If you’ve ever read the translated version of a novel that you love, you’ll know that translation goes far beyond simply understanding what each word means, as the translator will often use different phrases that sound more natural in the target language, or that better convey the deeper meaning behind the words.

    Our translators aim to apply the same skills to business translation – understanding your core marketing message and ensuring that this is communicated to your visitors. Where there’s more than one possible interpretation, they will visit your website in order to be able to view the context and images associated with the text and therefore fully understand the meaning.

  • Careful proofreading

    Our team of translators also work as copywriters. They write brochures, blogs, product descriptions, social media updates, etc. This means that they are used to thinking creatively and that they are experts at the creative part of proofreading, as well as the technical part.

    Proofreading is actually very creative, it’s not just about identifying what’s wrong with the first version, it’s also about identifying what can be improved. Does something sound not quite right and, if so, how can it be rewritten to enhance the original meaning?

    When proofreading content, our writers not only correct mistakes, they also edit the original version, pruning unnecessary words, or editing content to further enhance it. Keeping things simple and precise ensures a clear communication.

    English to German translation - Das Kind beim Namen nennen

  • Spanish proofreading

    Expert SEO to rank high on Google

    Business owners want their websites to be on the first page with Google, but what’s the point of being on the first page if you’ve inadvertently optimized your site for a word (or phrase) that nobody uses?

    When completing an SEO translation, we start by identifying what keywords people search for in the target language and how competitive these keywords are, then matching keywords between the original language and the target language. Our translators then refer to this Keyword Translation Spreadsheet as they complete the translation, where necessary rewriting sentences to adapt to a different keyword, to be ensure that content is fully optimized.

    Metatag Titles and Descriptions also have maximum lengths and if content is translated without bearing this in mind, you will find that some of your Metatags are cut short in Google’s search results, reducing their effectiveness. We therefore check the length of each Metatag after it has been translated and edit it as necessary.

    It’s not uncommon for sites we translate to be poorly optimized in their original language. If we’re translating a site from English to French, for example and find that Metatags are missing in English, then we will write them from scratch in French and send you a report to let you know which aspects of the English website would benefit from some improved SEO.

  • Creating a multilingual CMS

    When translating a website it’s often not the actual translation that people find daunting, but the technical challenge of translating the CMS.

    If you have a site in one of the more popular CMS systems that allows multilingual sites to be created like PrestaShop, WordPress or Drupal, we will use your existing CMS to create a multilingual site with a shared database. This has the following advantages:

    • Any design changes you make to one site will automatically be applied to all versions of your site.
    • If you want pricing, stock control, images, user details or other elements to be synchronised between each language, we can configure this.
    • All versions of your website will be hosted on the same server, which can reduce hosting costs.
    • On ecommerce sites we can automate some aspects of the translation (for example if you have an ecommerce website selling clothes, we will configure it so you can enter the colour, size, gender, etc. in one language and it will automatically translate this into each other language for you.) We could also enter the UK or American sizes once and connect them with the relevant European sizes automatically, or automate other similar features that will save you a lot of time in the long run.

    There are exceptions where we wouldn’t recommend a shared database (if you wanted your two sites to look different and have very different content for example) however, generally, this is the ideal solution and makes ongoing website management a lot easier for all parties.

    If you have a website in a CMS that can’t be easily translated then we will provide a free consultation in order to determine the best approach. Depending on your existing CMS, how happy you are with it and a range of other factors we will recommend one of the following three solutions:

    • We copy the entire website, then translate it in situ.
    • We create a new website just for your translated version (using a multilingual CMS so that it’s easy to add extra languages if you ever decide to).
    • We replace your existing site with a multilingual CMS, meaning any improvements to the design, user-friendliness or SEO that we implement will also benefit your existing site.

    Other Services

    Multilingual Marketing

    Translating your website is the first stage in the journey and for your business to succeed quickly in the new language, you will need to market it in that language. There’s no use promoting a French website to German speakers, for example!

    As well as translation, we provide an international content marketing service (or link building as some prefer to call it) in English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch. We can also help by designing and translating brochures, posters and other marketing material adapted for a local audience.


    Sometimes writing new copy for your second language website makes more sense than translating it. For example, if you have a blog page that has lots of references to towns in the UK or USA, it would make more sense to adapt it and write a new piece about towns in France (for a French translation) than simply translating the content and leaving French speakers wondering how the blog is relevant to them. Our team can write engaging content aimed at your local target audience.

    What next?

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