International Link Building

  • English, French, German and Spanish link building service

    Why are Authority Links important?

    It's long been known that link building is an essential factor in having a good position on Google and in March 2016 Andrey Lipattsev, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google confirmed that links and on-page content are weighted equally when deciding which websites to place on those treasured first page positions.

    If you think about it, it makes sense.  In theory you have complete control over your own website, you could optimize it to the hilt and write hundreds of pages for it, but how can Google tell if those pages are any good?

    There are various ways, however one indicator is the number, authority and relevance of the links going to a website.  Links from related websites, blogs and social media pages are treated as a thumbs up and the more thumbs up you get, the higher you appear in Google's results, however whose thumbs they are also matter, therefore a link from a high authority blog (one that itself has good links going to it, is well-established, etc.) counts for far more than a thumbs up from a brand new website with no other content on it.  Google are also on the look-out for link farms and manipulative practices, so it's important that the links are truly organic, not automated, for example.

    Our Link Building Strategy

    At Indigoextra we focus on building high authority links with unique content, whether it's from articles, social media profiles, image shares, infographics, or other niche links.  We ensure that content is relevant to your site and follow a monthly link building process that gives you time to review content before it's published and see reports of each link.

  • Multilingual link building - guest posts

    Quality Multilingual Guest Posts

    Guest posting is a great way to build relevant, high authority links and recent SEO research has shown that it's the most effective link building strategy.  In Europe we offer this service in the UK, France, Germany and Spain.  We also provide guest posts for the USA and Canada.

    To ensure your guest posts drive traffic to your site and deliver the maximum SEO benefit, our international guest posting service includes a few extras.  We will:

    • Research and write a unique, engaging article
    • Carefully proof-read it
    • Design one or more images to complement the article
    • Link to your site in a natural fashion
    • Place the article on a relevant blog
    • Promote the article on social media

    We have high quality standards for the sites that we submit to, including a minimum Domain Authority, healthy amount of traffic and strict no spam policy.

  • Explanations have always been easier with a picture


    Images provide a great opportunity to build your link profile if used well and we create original images in the form of quotagraphics and infographics as part of our link building campaigns.  Click either of the links below to see examples of our work.

    • Quotagraphics - We find a humorous or inspiring quote related to your business and incorporate this into a funny or inspiring image.
    • Infographics - We spend 2 days researching, writing and designing an infographic on a theme closely related to your site.

    We've found that by creating something funny, inspiring or educational we generate far more likes than standard photos and our quotagraphics and infographics are the kind of thing that people love to share with their friends and associates.

    We include images in our standard link building campaigns, along with articles and other types of link that we build and also submit them along with a short description and link to your site to image sharing websites.   We also encourage you to add them to your own blog or social network profiles.

  • Social Media Marketing in Spanish, French, German ...

    Regardless of whether you're based in Europe, the USA, Canada or anywhere else in the world, social media marketing is an important step to expand your national and international presence.

    We offer social media SEO in German, Spanish, French and English and create images for social media marketing, as well as providing the following link building services:

    Social Media Bookmarking

    We will bookmark your website on different popular social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.  For large campaigns, we will generate more links from the most popular sites and fewer links from the less well known sites.  Our service includes writing all content as well as completing the bookmarking itself.

    Blog Writing

    Increasingly Google can distinguish between high quality content and content that is just thrown together.  To ensure your website has unique, quality content, we also offer a blog writing service with content for your own site, your Facebook profile, Twitter posts, etc.

    Many business owners don’t have time to maintain their own blog, therefore this is a service that we can provide on an ongoing basis if required (e.g. a new blog posting every week). Content will be well researched, up-to-date and written by a fluent native speaker, then carefully proofread.  We offer multilingual blog writing, building quality international links in Spanish, French, German and English.

  • International Directory Submissions

    Premium International Directories

    Since Google's recent updates we recommend our Premium International Directory Submission service, which includes:

    • Finding high domain authority &/or specialized directories in your niche (these will be multilingual or language specific directories and we offer this service in English, French, German and Spanish).
    • Writing unique content for each submission, based on the directory's specifications (normally we write 160 - 200 words per submission).
    • Proof-reading the content and sending it to you for you to check.
    • Creating an email account for the submissions.
    • Manually submitting your site.
    • Providing reports of all the work completed.

    This is an effective link building service as directories are a popular way for people to find a company or service and also generates natural links to your site.  The majority of the top directories also require unique content, therefore by adopting this approach you get high profile, relevant links.

    We can offer submissions to the following country specific directories:

    • English (UK, USA, Australia and Canada)
    • French (France and Canada)
    • German (Germany)
    • Spanish (Spain)

Multilingual link building

Link building is impossible without great content

Whether you’re starting a local, national or international link building campaign, you need great content.

We offer an effective multilingual link building service, focusing on content that catches people’s attention, is well-researched and carefully written or, in the case of images, beautifully designed.  Our links are placed on related websites and high profile social media and image sharing sites.

We concentrate on building a small number of perfectly crafted, relevant, and high quality international links in English, French, German and Spanish.