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French SEO and Web Design by Indigoextra Kamisori France Responsive web design French company - Chartered Accountant Funny Feeling Game Website Getting married in Scotland website and SEO Montpellier opera singer Tormey Woods Alternative Ceremony website Peace music site Art of Change - London web development Art and travel website design UK French gite web site design Drupal E-commerce website for a guitar shop in London B&B in South France - web design in Drupal 7
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    Indigoextra provide a complete website design service, delivering everything you need to have a truly outstanding website that stands out from the crowd.

    Our web design service includes the following features:

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  • French, Spanish, German and Italian web design

    Kamisori sell luxury hair dressing scissors and we were approached by them to translate their site into French, German, Spanish and Italian.

    We created the site in Drupal ecommerce, designed it to have a responsive layout for mobiles and tablets and optimized it for search engines.  We also configured the site to have a shared database with 4 different domain names and automated translation options, where a phrase that was used repeatedly to describe specific products was translated professionally once, then was automatically translated when new products were added, saving the client a considerable amount of ongoing time.

    On completion in December 2016 the client sent us this unasked for testimonial:

    "I am happy and very grateful for your excellent work and professionalism.

    You and your team have proved to complete our required tasks on time, looked after us and helped us even when we needed things unrelated to our website work!  I'd like to continue working together on new projects in the near future..."

    Kamisori Web Design and Multilingual Translation

  • Responsive website - Speaking English in France

    Indigoextra launched in December 2014, creating a responsive mobile friendly web design.  Daily English provide an opportunity for French people to connect with English speaking families in France, where the French child or teenager has a homestay with an English family for a week or more, allowing them to experience English culture and learn English in a natural way without needing to leave the country.

    Indigoextra was involved from start to finish and our project was to:

    • Create an original logo and incorporate this into an attractive header design.
    • Complete photo editing work on several images, as well as designing the 'Welcome' image on the first slideshow on the home page.
    • Design the website to be 100% responsive (if you drag your browser window to change its size when on, you'll see that the blocks move around to fit the screen size and the menus change).
    • Provide on-page SEO in French and English.
    • Complete an internet marketing campaign and provide other graphic design services, including designing a poster.

    The feedback we received from Daily English was:

    "I was extremely happy with your understanding of my business and the creative website that you designed, the visuals are striking and at the same time convey our services.  Indigoextra very quickly grasped our requirements and have produced a website which is easy to manage and update"

    Responsive Multilingual Web Design for Daily English, France

  • French Business Advice

    French Business Advice is the English section of AUGEFI, an experienced team of English speaking chartered accountants with 4 offices in Montpellier, Beziers, Agde and Bedarieux in South France.  They specialise in helping clients to start or manage a business successfully and can help with the legal, taxation and social security aspects of living in France.

    We created an original theme for the responsive website and designed it in Drupal 8, a CMS that allows the client to easily update all aspects of the site.  Our graphic design work also included creating original headers for the slideshow and adapting their existing logo.  We also proofread their site, ensuring that it is written in a way that will appeal to English speakers and provided advice on how to make it user-friendly.

    French Business Advice

  • Game website design

    Funny Feeling is a party game for teens and up created by You and Me Games Ltd.

    We created the Funny Feeling website in Drupal 7 with a responsive, mobile-friendly theme in bright and bold colours and designed an online version of the party game that can be played on mobiles, tablets, PCs and Macs.

    Funny Feeling Game

  • Scotland responsive web design

    Indigoextra created the Getting Married in Scotland website with a responsive theme, so it looks great on mobiles, tablets and computers.  The site is designed in Drupal 7 and is designed to be easy to edit by the two Scottish Interfaith Ministers who offer wedding ceremonies to brides and grooms of all faiths or none.

    Getting Married in Scotland Website

  • Tormey Woods - Opera Singer responsive multilingual web design Montpellier

    Tormey Woods is a young bass opera singer in Montpellier, France.  We designed his multilingual English and French website using the Drupal CMS, including a section on past performances and upcoming events (configuring it so that when the date passes, an upcoming event automatically moves to a past performance).  The site is responsive and includes videos and a photo gallery.

    Responsive website for Tormey Woods, Opera Singer

  • Alternative Ceremonies

    We created the Alternative Ceremony website to promote the work of a group of Interfaith Ministers throughout the UK offering weddings and other services.  The site allows each minister to login and edit their own profile, which can either be a single page or several pages, as they wish.

    Alternative Ceremony website

  • Peace in our name music website

    Peace In Our Name is a British website promoting peace in Iraq and Syria.  All proceeds of the sale from their first CD, Not In Our Name, go to victims of the Iraq War.

    We designed the Peace In Our Name site in Drupal 7 in October 2015 to have an impactful and intuitive design and configured it to have a responsive theme, slideshows and a gallery.

    Peace In Our Name Music Site

  • Art.e - the art of change

    The Art.e of Change, a public and community arts organisation in London approached us to transform their website, into a more dynamic, impactful and attractive art website.  We developed the website to include several slideshows as the client felt this was the best way to display the community artwork and to include an easy to administer PDF library.  Our organic internet marketing service puts the client in the top 5 with for:

    • Art of change
    • Public art London
    • Community art London

    Art Website Development

  • Web design for a B&B and restaurant in Cornwall

    We created the Coast Cornwall design with several themes on different pages to cover the range of services they offer, including a Bed and Breakfast, vegetarian restaurant, art gallery and hypnotherapy.  The design includes several different types of slideshows and an image navigation block on the home page.  We also recently converted the site to Drupal 7 and made the design responsive, ensuring it looks good on all devices.  View the responsive design on mobiles, tablets or monitors.

    Travel Website Design

  • Travel web development in France

    Indigoextra converted the site into Drupal, redesigning it in the process to give it an impactful design with intuitive navigation.  The website has information about a holiday gite in Languedoc, France and the design includes online calendars, slideshows, enquiry forms and SEO.  We optimized the content of the site and built high quality links to it in order to put it on the first page with for:

    • French holiday computer
    • French holiday internet access
    • Furnished rentals Languedoc

    French gite web site development

  • London guitar shop website design - Drupal e-commerce sample website

    Indigoextra Ltd. created this fabulously funky Drupal website for London guitar shop, Wunjo Guitars, based on existing designs supplied by the client which we refined and polished. We focused on simple navigation and a hierarchy of categories for their Drupal e-commerce shop.

    Located on cozy Denmark Street, Wunjo Guitars sells new, used, and vintage guitars from around the world including Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, Gretsch, Martin, Vintage Resonators, and Vox.  The site already had good SEO and we helped it to appear 1st with for:

    London guitars
    London guitar

    London Guitars Drupal E-Commerce Website

  • Bed and Breakfast with swimming pool in South France

    La Bergerie de Laval approached us to create an attractive website for their luxury bed and breakfast in Tourbes, South France.  We designed the website in Drupal 7, suggesting that we include photos of the swimming pool in both the header and footer as the swimming pool was an obvious luxurious feature (along with the hot tub).

    The site includes information on local towns such as Montpellier, Pezenas and Beziers and a few extra features like a booking form and availability calendar, Google map showing the location of the B&B and photo galleries.

    Website for B&B in South France

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