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SEO strategy

Work with an expert who has helped large sites double then triple their traffic.

Our SEO consultation will be tailored to your requirements and take into account the resources you have to implement change. This gives you the best ROI and delights senior share holders.

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International SEO Audits

SEO Audit service

Our international SEO audits start with easy-to-apply fixes to page speed and default site options like Metatags, allowing you to boost your ranking for multiple pages.

We deliver thorough, data-driven SEO audits with actionable insights in order of priority. Increase your traffic, CTR and conversions.

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Plan For Success

Content marketing

Content writing and translation requires dedicated resources from skilled individuals. Don't waste their time.

We plan and implement content strategies that generate results. Plans include keyword research, content structure, internal links and both blog and product content.

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Martin Woods


Meet your international SEO consultant

Martin Woods is an analytical and innovative SEO expert with proven success at boosting sales through white-hat strategies.

He has 20 years' experience as an international SEO consultant, working with a hand-picked team of copywriters and translators to run multilingual campaigns in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish. He is a data analytics genius and has published articles for both Semrush and Ahrefs, the two leading SEO platforms.

Martin will start your project by ensuring he understands your goals and any limitations (technical or resource-based) he must operate within. He will then deliver technical and content audits, consultation and training to empower you to increase your traffic and conversions.


SEO specialist experience

  • International Expansion

    International expansion

    Do you want to expand into a new territory, or increase your presence in a country you're currently struggling to rank well in?

    We can help audit the quality of your site's content in multiple languages, and also do backlink audits and link building. These are the two most likely factors that differentiatie your success in one country vs. another.

    I can also advise how best to translate your site, or enter a new country which speaks the same language, while avoiding duplicate content issues.

    Expand internationally

    Local SEO for Multiple Destinations

    International expansion

    One challenge international SEO often brings is the need to rank high for multiple locations.

    When your goal is to be first for keywords that include the name of every town and city, you can't simply apply best local SEO strategy.

    Instead, you have to adapt site-wide approaches, optimising default elements first and carefully prioritising your SEO on a page-by-page basis. I have helped tripple the traffic to sites requiring local SEO for multiple destinations and would be delighted to share these secrets to success with you.

    Rank 1st in multiple locations

  • Website Migration

    Website migration - Drupal and WordPress

    Website migrations from one CMS to another can seem overwhelming, both due to the sheer amount of work involved and the risks to SEO.

    With exensive experience in WordPress and Drupal, I can assist with your migration. I will help identify which content needs migrating, how to ensure when your new site goes live, your Google ranking stays the same or improves, and that site visitors have a flawless experience during the switch.

    I care deeply for my clients and will help you prepare for your migration and provide tools and strategies to assist throughout the process. I also have experience completing content audits when merging two sites into one.

    Seamlessly migrate your site

    Multilingual SEO

    Multilingual SEO in UK and Europe

    For the last 20 years I have lived between the UK and France, running a business from Derbyshire and enjoying life in South France while providing international SEO services remotely. As a result of this, I have worked primarily on multilingual sites.

    The same principles that apply in English apply to multilingual SEO, however it does pose its own set of challenges, particularly around translation.

    I understand these challenges and their solutions. Indigoextra also has a dedicated team of qualified European translators and copywriters. In cases where your projects require languages not covered in-house, we stand ready to provide our specialised expertise and support.

    Rank high in multiple languages


What do international SEO agencies do?

An international SEO agency will look at technical SEO and content factors to identify issues which hinder search engine rankings and opportunities for improvement. They specialise in projects involving multiple countries and languages, often working with a mulitlingual team of international SEO experts, translators and copywriters.

SEO companies are goal-orientated, measuring the success of their campaigns through Google rankings, traffic from search engines, conversions, and sales.

What is the best international SEO strategy?

There is no one size fits all in SEO, particularly for large, complex sites.

An international SEO strategy will begin with an audit of a website's 'SEO health', looking at strong and weak points. From this it is possible to identify what the best strategy is, by identifying low-hanging fruit - fixes which are quick to apply, yet can gener ate remarkable results. It is then a case of applying best SEO strategy to the site as a whole, refining content to target specific keywords, identifying content to translate, and improving page speed and UX.

Can I just hire one consultant?

We tailor our services to your requirements and what's in your company's best-interests.

If you already have an in-house team of copywriters, translators, and web designers, then our international SEO specialist will work with you on a one-to-one basis, or provide training and advice to your team as required. This way you can use your own resources to implement the strategy we create together.

If you need additional copywriting, translation, or web design services, then rather than our SEO expert completing all the work, we will provide high level consultation to create the necessary strategy, and other specialists within Indigoextra will implement it.

Which areas do you cover?

We have optimised multilingual websites in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. Our team works remotely, however I am happy to travel for face-to-face to meetings within Europe as and when required.