Multilingual Social Media Marketing

Introduction to Social Media

Social media has taken the business world by storm, however it is a role often misunderstood.  At its very best, social media can demonstrate your expertise, understanding and insight of your industry and audience.  It is an ideal platform to position yourself as a ‘thought leader’ in your field.  Additionally, it is an excellent SEO tool as Google and other search engines monitor links from social media sites and give sites with good social media profiles a boost in the search results.

Interest in multilingual social media

The above graph shows the increase in social media over time with numbers of active users on social media sites steadily increasing.  There are now over 1320 million active monthly Facebook users and over 275 million active Twitter users and these numbers grow daily.  Figures released earlier this year state that social media is used by over 1.82 billion people every day worldwide.

As well as social media users, having profiles on the top few social media channels means that when someone searches for your company on Google, the first page of results is all about you. This is very reassuring to both existing customers and prospects. What’s more, you’re in charge of everything they see!

Here at Indigoextra we think that the focus of social media should be to build trust in your brand and support your marketing efforts by demonstrating your expertise and connecting with others in the same industry.  While it takes time to grow your online presence, there are a number of steps that can be taken to start the social media ball moving in the right direction.

We recommend focusing on the most influential social media sites, namely Facebook, Twitter and for B2B websites, LinkedIn.


Profile Creation

Indigoextra will create your social media profiles for you including:

  • Profile page or fan page creation
  • Adapting an image to create the cover image and/or profile photo
  • Writing a unique description of your company
  • Adding the first few posts to your profile (either images or text)
  • Following relevant pages or users.

Our social media profiles will include high quality images and content, designed to engage with people who can add value to your company, people who will bring interest on a  professional level and people who will share your brand widely amongst their own social group!

Multilingual Content Marketing - French and Spanish Social Media

Profile Management

Generally speaking, social media content should be a mix of different types of content:

  • Static- commenting on planned events or milestones.
  • Pro-active- getting a particular opinion or point of view out there.
  • Reactive- responding to an article, commenting on someone else’s post, etc.

The best use of social media is to keep it fluid, dynamic and frequent.  Each month when managing your social media campaign, we will therefore complete the following tasks:  

  • Twitter – Adding Tweets and Retweets
  • Facebook – Adding Updates and Comments
  • LinkedIn - Adding new posts and images
  • Pinterest – Sharing images  

As well as creating new content each month, we will also spend time responding to any messages, following popular people in your field of business and completing miscellaneous maintenance and marketing tasks.  We are dedicated to ensuring that you grow your social media your way.

When managing your social media preference, it’s important to ensure that you have something meaningful to say.  We will therefore either take information from your own site (including #hashtags and links), or will research the latest news and events in your field to include some useful news about your industry.  We will also comment on seasonal events, like wishing visitors Merry Christmas.

Tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn updates will be evenly spaced throughout the month to keep interest active.

Our agency offers multilingual social media profile creation and translation in nine different European languages including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

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