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Guest Posting Service

Guest posting service

Google values high quality backlinks from high authority, reputable sites. We provide exactly this through our Italian guest posting service, targeting relevant, authoritative blogs with high editorial standards.

We draw on our ample experience managing guest post outreach campaigns to select the best place to post content and reach users across Italy.

Then, our team of native Italian writers creates engaging content offering a new or interesting perspective featuring a backlink to your site. We then arrange for its publication on a quality site.

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Gripping Guest Posts

Captivating content

It’s vital that guest posts are engaging, completely unique, well-written and created by a native Italian writer. 

Our copywriters are all qualified to at least degree level, with several years’ relevant experience. That’s because fluent, well-written content is the only type of content accepted on influential blogs and news portals.

The readers of this type of site are far more likely to recommend and share the blog post, and you will see a greater impact on your SEO. 

Link Building in Italy

Link building in UK

We can supplement guest posts with other types of links back to your site.

While guest posts should certainly form the core of any link building package, additional links such as promotion on directories, social media, press releases or infographics can also add impact as they help to create a natural backlink profile for Google. We also offer Italian translation services and Italian on-page SEO.

This tailored approach to our packages is devised to strengthen your website’s authority. Ultimately this will be signalled to Google and reflect in your ranking.

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Authority Italian Links

Authority links

While there are thousands of blogs in Italy, only a handful meet our criteria. The large majority are rejected when we carry out link outreach.

That way, we know that all the links we place are on high authority, trustworthy sites that see plenty of traffic.

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How we choose keywords

Keyword research and competitor analysis

When completing guest blogging campaigns, keyword research serves two main purposes:

  1.  Identifying the priority keywords for your website in order to boost your position for the most important words and phrases.
  2.  Identifying the ideal topics to write about that answer questions potential clients will have.

To identify keywords we look at the relevance, monthly search volume, SEO challenge (how difficult a keyword is to rank for) and user-intent - whether a keyword will lead to a purchase, or is informational in nature.

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Reporting the Results

Reporting the results

To keep you in the loop, we send you a detailed monthly report which outlines all the links we have posted. This report shows you where every link is placed, as well as its domain authority, TrustFlow and traffic.

We also monitor the targeted keywords and develop a report on these, too.

These reports enable you to track progress, and mean you can rest assured that we are doing the work to your satisfaction. We send these monthly, but if you'd like a daily or weekly position report, just let us know.


Top quality guest blogs guaranteed

Our method for ensuring we use the best blogs for your guest post involves looking at three different measures of quality.

These are:

Domain Authority (DA) –’s evaluation of a blog’s authority, based on a machine learning algorithm that predicts how much impact that domain has in Google’s search results.

TrustFlow (TF) – TF looks at how closely a blog is linked from trusted seed sites, and it’s based on a manual review of the web by Majestic.

Traffic – The number of monthly organic visits to a site from Google searches.

Our guarantee

We guarantee that our guest posts are original, carefully proofread, and on quality blogs. We use the following criteria to measure this:

  • DA25+

  • TF17+

  • 1,000+ traffic

  • 500 words

  • 1 stock image

Top blogs and news sites

If you’re looking for top quality guest posts in Italy, we will complete outbound SEO and guarantee blogs and news portals that are:

  • DA50+

  • TF25+

  • Millions of monthly visits

  • 1,500 words

  • Original images or infographics

Why choose us for your European SEO?

As well Italy, we have a team of experienced copywriters in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. If you’re looking for quality links in multiple languages, one of which isn’t mentioned above, please let us know.

In addition, we also have an extensive international database of high-quality bloggers. Our team are adept at translating content and publishing links in a wide range of languages in addition to the six outlined above.


What percentage of guest posts will be dofollow?

100% of guest posts will have a dofollow link to your site. These are the type of link which bolsters your site’s authority with Google.

Can I use Domain Rating (DR) or another quality measure?

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have specific requirements for a certain Domain Rating, Domain Authority, TrustFlow, traffic, or other measure of quality, and we will do our utmost to meet your requirements.

Will links be from .it domains?

The vast majority of our guest posts are placed on .it domains, however some will be placed on international domains like .com. 100% of blogs and news portals will be written in Italian.

Do you provide a white label link building service?

Yes, we generate links internationally for some of the largest SEO companies in Europe on a white label basis.

What's the minimum duration of a campaign?

We are happy to work flexibly. You’re welcome to order a single guest post or a one-month link building package to try our services out.

If you order a 3-month package, then we will provide free on-page SEO for 5 pages to ensure that we are building links to fully optimised pages.

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