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    At Indigoextra we start each project by completing thorough keyword research, usually identifying hundreds of keywords and choosing those that are relevant, have a high monthly search volume and low SEO competition, as these generate the most traffic and thus offer the best return on investment.

    We then complete on-page SEO in one or multiple languages, reviewing the structure, content and metatags and looking for common errors throughout the whole website.  We use a left-brain, right-brain SEO strategy.  The left-brain approach is to analyze your site from an algorithmic perspective, searching for and fixing missing pages, broken links, overly long metatags, etc.  The right-brain approach, asks how visitors will respond to your site, can we rewrite content to make it more engaging, or increase your conversion rate?

    Finally we provide an international link building service - writing and designing content that we place on relevant, high authority sites that link back to you.

    This combination of keyword research, on-page SEO and link building, with quality as a central theme throughout, is what gains our clients increased traffic and top positions on Google, as shown below.

    International SEO Services

  • French SEO for Daily English

    English and French SEO and Link Building

    4 x more traffic from January 2016 to January 2017* provide English immersion homestays in France for French and international students.

    We designed their website, translated sections of it from French to English and have completed keyword research, on-page SEO and English and French link building.  Their site is continuing to go strong and has already experienced a growth in traffic in 2017.

    SEO in Europe case study


  • French and German SEO translation

    French SEO and Translation

    Average 22% increase in traffic month on month*

    Dents, established in 1777, sell a range of luxury leather gloves and leather accessories.

    In 2014 we translated the Dents glove website into French ( and started an ongoing SEO campaign for it.

    As well as translation, we provide on-site SEO and link building for Dents and our French SEO campaign has put them on the first page with for all their major keywords.

    International fashion link building

  • German SEO in Europe

    German SEO and Translation

    More than double the traffic in just two months!*

    Due to the success of the French website, in 2015 Dents then asked us to translate their site into German (

    Our link building service that includes guest blogs and infographic marketing has more than doubled the traffic to Dents in Germany in just two months from May to July 2016 and again from November 2016 to January 2017.  We also recently translated their site into Dutch to further expand their presence in Europe.

    International SEO Germany

  • Tourism website marketing

    French Content Marketing in Holland

    12,700 more visits a month in just 3 months!*

    We completed a French content marketing campaign, including link building for, the official Holland tourism website and over a 3 month period increased their traffic by 12,700 visits a month.

    Our international link building campaign included article writing and guest posting and high quality image shares with both quotagraphics and infographics.



    You can learn more about international SEO best practice, or for a quote to optimize your website in English, French, German, Spanish and other European languages, please get in touch.

    *All search traffic increases are based on SEMRush data for each website's target country.  SEMRush is a leading provider of web traffic data.