Dutch link building

Dutch Link Building

How our link building service in the Netherlands helps you

Dutch Guest Posting

Guest posting service

Indigoextra’s SEO guest posting service focuses on relevant, authoritative blogs with high editorial standards in the Netherlands. We also work with blogs in Belgium, and can arrange a multilingual guest posting campaign using the services of our French and German writers.

Our team of native Dutch copywriters write engaging content which features a backlink to your site. The chosen blog publishes the content on their site. We choose sites that have high Domain Authority and TrustFlow, with plenty of organic traffic.

SEO experts widely consider these type of guest post to be the best type of link when it comes to boosting your position on Google.

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Quality Content

Captivating content

We only use native speakers as copywriters, to ensure your content is well-written and flows naturally to your target reader.

All content is 100% unique, and written exclusively for you. This approach maximises the chances of work being accepted by influential blogs. These blogs have a large readership, and your content is more likely to be shared and recommended. This added benefit also does wonders for your SEO.

Link Building Packages

Link building in UK

Guest posts can be seen as the core component of a link building package, demonstrating to Google that your site is relevant and authoritative.

However, we can also build on this, by promoting your website in other ways. We offer a combined approach which incorporates guest posts, social media, press releases, infographic marketing and image shares, prioritising quality over quantity. This combines a mixture of editorial content with promotional content, which is an effective marketing strategy.

Our packages are carefully balanced to give you the maximum benefit to your Google ranking and hence your branding and sales.

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Authority Links in Holland

Authority links

When it comes to guest posting, not all blogs are made equal. We carry out plenty of research, ruling out the majority of sites when carrying out link outreach.

Instead, we focus our attention on the best Dutch language blogs. You can be assured that all the links and content are placed on authoritative, trustworthy sites with a guaranteed level of traffic.

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Choosing keywords

Keyword research and competitor analysis

Before building the links, we will research suitable keywords by analysing the search volume, difficulty and user-intent for a range of keywords that you and your competitors rank for. We also brainstorm additional keywords.

This allows us to identify the keywords that will convert to the highest volume of sales if you achieve a top position on google.nl. Combining your understanding of your own business and our understanding of SEO, we target the ideal keywords to give you the best return on investment.

We also use the keywords for any Dutch translations in on-page SEO if you would like us to provide this additional service.

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In-Depth Reports

Reporting the results

To assess the impact of your link building campaign, we track progress and compile a detailed report each month.

This follows the progress of target keywords as well as assessing how each of your placed links is performing.

We are happy to tailor the way we report progress to you, providing more frequent for your peace of mind if desired – just let us know.


Top quality guest blogs guaranteed

To ensure the best possible outcomes for your guest posts, we assess each of the blogs we consider according to three different measures of quality.

These measures are:

Domain Authority (DA) – DA is Moz.com’s measure of a blog’s authority and uses a machine learning algorithm to forecast how often Google uses that domain in its search results.

TrustFlow (TF) – TF assesses how closely a blog is linked from trusted seed sites, based on a manual review of the web by Majestic.

Traffic – Semrush’s estimation of a site’s monthly organic visits from Google searches.

Our guarantee

We guarantee that our guest posts in all languages are original, carefully edited and posted on blogs that are at least:

  • DA25+

  • TF12+

  • 1,000+ traffic

  • 500 words

  • 1 stock image

Top blogs and news sites

If you’re after premium guest posts published across the Netherlands, we can offer sites that are:

  • DA50+

  • TF25+

  • 5,000+ traffic

  • 1,500 words

  • Original image or infographic

Why choose Indigoextra for SEO in Europe?

It’s not just Dutch; as well in Holland, we have copywriters based in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. If you’re looking for quality links in multiple languages, we can help.

If you’re after content in a language isn’t mentioned above, do let us know. Our international network of proficient bloggers can write engaging content and publish links in a wide range of languages in addition to these six.


Are guest posts dofollow?

All of the guest posts we create will indeed have a dofollow link back to your own site. These links are excellent at boosting your ranking by demonstrating authority.

Can I use Domain Rating (DR) as a quality indicator?

Yes. We will do our absolute best to accommodate any requirements for your minimum Domain Rating, Domain Authority, TrustFlow, traffic, or other measure of quality.

Will links be from .nl domains?

The vast majority of our guest posts are placed on .nl domains, however there are also some excellent Dutch sites ending in .com or other international domains, therefore it will be a mixture.

Do you offer white label SEO services?

Yes, we generate links internationally for some of the largest SEO companies on a white label basis.

Is there a long-term commitment?

Absolutely not! We offer a very flexible structure. If you want to, you can order a single guest post or a one-month link building package to try our services out.

If you order a 3-month package, then we will provide free on-page SEO for a few pages of your site to be sure we're linking to pages that stand the best chance of ranking well.

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