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  • Indigoextra have over a decade of experience and provide a full range of high quality Dutch SEO services designed for the modern business. 
  • Our Dutch copywriting team are native speakers, educated to at least degree level and have substantial relevant experience.  
  • Our SEO strategy includes SEO consultation, on-page optimization, content marketing and guest posting on high authority and relevant websites.

We provide the following SEO services:


  • English to Dutch translation

    English to Dutch Website Translation

    If you already have a successful website in English, we can translate it into Dutch, including all the technical and design work involved, and optimize it for search engines.

    We will start by advising on the best approach to the Dutch translation, whether it’s best to use a separate domain name and which CMS to use on your translated site. We will also design it with a local audience in mind, as what works in another country won't necessarily work in Holland. If you're looking for SEO in Belgium, we offer Dutch, French and German SEO services, meaning we can cater to your audience in each language.

    If you are already using a CMS with multilingual capabilities (e.g. WordPress, Drupal or PrestaShop) and are happy with the overall design and functionality, we will translate the site to Dutch using the same CMS, normally using a shared database which makes managing the site easier (for example you can change the price of a product in one language and it will automatically change in the other language version, if this is what you want).

    If your existing CMS doesn’t have multilingual capabilities, we will either clone it and then translate it, or create a completely new site for you.  This can include a new design by our talented graphic design team, alternatively we’re happy to work with your existing web design team.  Read more on our website translation service, or contact us for samples of our Dutch translation projects.

    We also offer web translation between any of the following languages:

    • English
    • Dutch
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Spanish


  • Distinctive marketing - stand out from the crowd

    Marketing and SEO Consultation

    If you have an existing website that you would like to perform better, then we provide a Marketing Consultation and On-Page SEO service for Holland and Belgium tailored to your requirements.

    For small sites, this includes things like the following:

    • Dutch keyword research to ensure that we’re targeting the best keywords that will drive traffic to your site and generate sales.
    • Creating landing pages for the most important keywords.
    • Ensuring that the overall structure of your site is SEO friendly.
    • Writing or rewriting Metatag Titles and Descriptions.
    • Rewriting the URLs, h1 titles and sub-headings on different pages.
    • Proofreading your Dutch content to correct typos or grammatical mistakes and ensure that your content is interesting and engaging.
    • Converting your site to a responsive design to make it mobile friendly.
    • Testing your site with Dutch speakers, collecting feedback, and implementing the required changes.

    For larger sites, as well as the above, our SEO consultation will include analysing the site as a whole, identifying and fixing:

    • Broken internal and external links
    • Duplicate or missing Metatag Titles and Descriptions
    • Pages with duplicate content
    • 404 (Not Found) pages and temporary redirects
    • Broken images
    • Inaccurate Hreflang tags
    • Pages with missing or too many h1 headings

    A marketing expert will also review your site for how to improve user-experience, increase the click through rate on search engines and improve your conversion rate.  Google RankBrain, their third most important ranking factor takes all of these into account when determining where to place a website and improving these not only helps generate sales, but will also improve your position with search engines.

  • Multilingual link building and guest posts

    Dutch Link Building

    Link building is an essential component of an SEO campaign and Google consider links to be just as important as on-page content in determining how to rank websites.

    That said, Google has evolved in recent years and they are now able to far more accurately measure and take into account the relevance, quality and authority of each link.  We therefore focus on building links from relevant, high authority websites in the Netherlands in the form of guest posts, sharing infographics and other images, publishing your site to respected directories with unique content and managing your social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, et al.

    As standard all our guest posts are written by fluent, native speakers, are placed on Domain Authority 25 or higher sites and include unique content and images. Read more about our Dutch link building services.

    For our Dutch SEO brochure and a free keyword report showing where you currently rank in Google, get in touch.

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