Italian SEO

Italian SEO advice from the experts

SEO Strategy

SEO strategy

We have developed an in-depth understanding of how Google works and what it prioritises. That means our Italian SEO consultant can quickly identify issues that may pass unnoticed using conventional SEO software.

Our SEO consultation service can also support your in-house team to develop their own understanding of SEO. This can be useful if you are finding it difficult to rank highly, or if you are thinking about a major redesign. Our SEO audits will undoubtedly share some invaluable advice to get you started, including steps to resolve any issues.

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On-Page SEO

On-page SEO strategy

This aspect of our service ensures your website’s core SEO elements are fully compliant with the very latest algorithms in operation by Google. Our Italian team will complete on-page SEO, in addition to exploring opportunities to improve your SEO with new content.

We recommend focusing on those core landing pages that have the most potential to generate traffic and conversions. They’ll be carefully refined to offer better keyword balance, improved metatags and a greater selection of semantically related terms. This will directly impact your traffic and sales.

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English to Italian Translation

English to Italian translation services

When it comes to establishing yourself in Italy, the last thing you want is a whole host of comical translation errors on your newly translated site. While the Italians might be known for their laidback approach to life, glaring errors that cause confusion or – worse still – offence, really won’t help your cause.

Thankfully our team of native Italian translators have a wealth of experience not just in the language, but in what is expected culturally, too. They’ll not only save you from embarrassment; they’ll also make sure you have accomplished, engaging content that serves you well in Italy.

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Keyword Research

Multilingual keyword research

We will search for the best keywords that your competitors in Italy rank for and make recommendations based on search volume, difficulty, and keyword intent.

Keyword intent is an aspect of keyword research many SEO agencies overlook. With every keyword, we identify whether it is commercial or informative in nature. This helps define whether a product or a blog post is likely to rank best for each target keyword.

When translating websites, we also use keyword research to create a map of English to Italian terms for your industry, ensuring we use the most popular and relevant term for each item.

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Link Building in Italy

Link building in Italy

To attract relevant traffic to your site, it is important to have a range of external links to your site. Google’s algorithm considers links from high-quality sites just as important as your on-page content.

We have an extensive network of contacts across Italy, and we can liaise with them to post guest blogs which link back to your site. This is a crucial component of any Italian SEO strategy, as is ensuring the quality of that shared content. As well as guest posting, we can also arrange to share links to your website or blog on Italian social media, creating additional exposure for your company.

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Italian Copywriting

Content marketing

If you choose, we can write engaging and bespoke Italian content for you. We will first work out what type of content will offer your company the most benefit.

Our team of experienced, native Italian copywriters, all of whom are educated to at least degree level, can then start writing. Whether it is for your website, your company blog, a customer newsletter or an external post, your new content will be expertly written as well as 100% unique.

Not only do our writers have Italian as their first language, but they also understand the nuances of the local culture, meaning there is no chance of anything being taken the wrong way by your reader.

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A personalised SEO strategy, created for you

Every website is different, therefore when we first take on a new project, we’ll complete an SEO audit and put together a personalised SEO strategy specifically tailored for your website.

Sometimes we have to start with the basics, writing metatags for every page and proofreading content. Other times, this has already been completed and we focus more on identifying new opportunities, further enhancing existing content to improve conversions and completing backlink campaigns.


A scientific approach

Our strategy is also based on hard science, so when deciding on the best strategy we have a thorough process which includes:

  • Keeping up-to-date with Google’s ongoing algorithm updates to be sure that the advice we give us current.
  • Only providing white hat SEO services as this helps ensure your site will continue to rank well when Google changes its algorithm.
  • Checking the SEO Challenge for every keyword by seeing how strong the top 20 domains are that rank for each keyword, to be sure we don’t waste your money and our time targeting impossible keywords.
  • Comparing your site to the top 10 sites on for a given keyword to see what they’re doing that you’re not and providing concrete advice based on this.
  • Writing in-depth and engaging articles for Italian guest posts and placing them on Domain Authority 25 or higher sites with high traffic to be sure every link is valuable to you.

A creative team

Once we’ve completed the science comes the creative part, which is why we pride ourselves on understanding the local culture in Italy and writing content that helps convert visitors to sales and increases the time visitors will spend on your site – one of the factors Google take into account when deciding where to rank your site in the search results.

This combination of science and creativity is what makes our SEO agency one of the top agencies for Italian SEO.

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What is Italian SEO?

Italian SEO covers a range of factors, ranging from the layout and navigation of your website, to your user experience. It looks at the technical aspects of your site – which may not be immediately obvious – as well as the quality of its content. What’s more, it also draws comparisons with other, similar, sites in Italy. As Google also looks at how “important” you are, judging from the number of external links your site has, Italian SEO also looks at this. There are many factors to Italian SEO which, when considered in conjunction, have an overwhelming impact on how your website ranks.

How is Italian SEO different?

While many of the guiding SEO principles remain the same, Italian SEO examines some additional features that only apply in Italy. Of course, languages plays a part, but there are also some subtle differences in what is culturally appropriate – as well variations in the expectations of internet users in Italy. We also draw on our contacts across the country, to be able to build external links back to your site, building your online presence across Italy.

What qualifications do your SEO team have?

All our Italian copywriters and SEO experts are qualified to degree level or above. In addition to professional qualifications, they are all armed with diverse relevant experience, backed up by great references.

We only work with native speakers.

Can you translate my website into Italian?

Of course! We have an extensive team of web designers, SEO experts and English to Italian translators. Together, they can translate your site from start to end. Or, if you’d prefer, they are also happy to work with your own web developers, if you’d prefer.

Do I need backlinks from Italy?

Google’s algorithm makes external links a priority when is assesses where you should rank. It’s also very important that your external links should come from another Italian site (rather than your existing links from the UK, for example). This makes you more visible to search engines and demonstrates your relevance to internet users in Italy.

How does Italian culture affect SEO?

Each country in Europe has its very own unique cultural identity, stemming from its history as well as its landscape, ideologies and language. Our Italian SEO team are fully aware of all these cultural considerations, and understand how they can impact on SEO, as well as your wider European marketing strategy.

Do you offer SEO services in any other languages?

Yes, we also offer SEO services in English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish.

See information on our multilingual SEO services.

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