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Italian SEO advice from experts with 16 years' experience

May of ItalyIndigoextra is a multilingual SEO agency established in 2006. We have helped numerous small and medium sized companies to rapidly expand in Europe.

We have a team of native speaking Italian translators, copywriters and SEO experts who work remotely from their own homes to help you grow your business in Italy, drive more traffic to your site and generate sales.

Our approach to SEO is to focus on quality, using a scientic approach to create the best SEO strategy, writing carefully researched and proofread content and building links from high authority and reputable Italian sites.

Professional services

We offer the following Italian SEO services:

  • Keyword Research – Each of our projects starts with in-depth researching, matching each page we optimize with relevant keywords that have high traffic from Italy, but a reasonably low organic SEO challenge to ensure that your site sees fast results.
  • SEO Audit – For some of our clients they already have good on-page SEO, so an audit isn’t necessary, however if you’ve not previously had SEO work done on your site, or if there’s a problem that you can’t identify, then we will do a full SEO Audit, analysing 20 different factors of your site and providing detailed recommendations in order of priority. We can either implement the recommendations ourselves, or we’re happy to work with your own web developer if you’d prefer.
  • Italian Translation or Copywriting – If you already have an English site, we will translate the content into Italian for you, alternatively we can write ‘About Us’ sections, product descriptions or blogs from scratch after first researching your industry. Our agency also provide translation between 6 different European languages – Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch.
    Our Italian translators and copywriters are all native speakers educated to degree level or higher and have substantial experience in their field.
  • Italian Link Building – Over time we have built up a network with a wide range of webmasters, online papers and blog owners and can do Italian guest posting to high authority sites with backlinks to your site. This helps improve your reputation with as each backlink is seen as a vote of confidence. We also offer social media management, directory submissions, image shares and a range of other links that are part of our Italian link building service.
  • Website Design – If needed we can also help make your site responsive, improve the speed, ask different potential clients in Italy to test it and provide feedback on their user-experience, or even design a whole new website for you. We can also provide advice on the best way to structure a multilingual website.

The best strategy for Italian SEO

Every website is different, therefore when we first take on a new project, we’ll review your site and put together a custom SEO strategy specifically tailored for you. If your on-page SEO has already been completed by another SEO company in Italy and looks good, then we won’t suggest that we redo it for you (unless we spot some major issues that need resolving of course). This way you get the best return on investment.

While most of our clients see some spurts of faster growth, and other times when the growth is slower, sometimes it’s steady and here’s an example of the monthly traffic one of our Italian clients has seen over a 6 month period.

Traffic from Italy

We have completed Italian SEO campaigns for a range of sites with great results.

We started one campaign for when the site was launched, focusing on building Italian links from high authority sites, including guest posts. It went from 0 traffic to over 8,000 traffic by February 2021, as the graph below shows.

Organic traffic

See more European SEO case studies showing the success of a range of our clients.

The Science

Our strategy is also based on hard science, so when deciding on the best strategy we have a thorough process which includes:

  • Keeping up-to-date with Google’s ongoing algorithm updates to be sure that the advice we give us current.
  • Only providing white hat SEO services as this helps ensure your site will continue to rank well when Google changes its algorithm.
  • Checking the SEO Challenge for every keyword by seeing how strong the top 20 domains are that rank for each keyword, to be sure we don’t waste your money and our time targeting impossible keywords.
  • Comparing your site to the top 10 sites on for a given keyword to see what they’re doing that you’re not and providing concrete advice based on this.
  • Writing in-depth and engaging articles for Italian guest posts and placing them on Domain Authority 25 or higher sites with high traffic to be sure every link is valuable to you.

The Creativity

Once we’ve completed the science comes the creative part, which is why we pride ourselves on understanding the local culture in Italy and writing content that helps convert visitors to sales and increases the time visitors will spend on your site – one of the factors Google take into account when deciding where to rank your site in the search results.

This combination of science and creativity is what makes our SEO agency one of the top agencies for Italian SEO. We also offer SEO services in English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish.

To discuss your requirements with us, please contact us for a free quote.