English and Multilingual SEO in the UK

Google RankbrainWe are a UK SEO company with 17 years' experience. Our SEO services have helped hundreds of clients to achieve first page and first position rankings, increasing their traffic by thousands or tens of thousands monthly visits. We help clients generate quality content, improve their on-page SEO and build high authority backlinks.

Google wants to present the best possible results to its customers and to reach the first page with Google, you have to earn it. Google ultimately seeks out two things – quality and relevance. By delivering these, Google will work for you.

When we work for you, you choose our level of involvement. We can act as your UK SEO consultant - giving SEO strategy advice, completing website audits, and creating content plans. Alternatively, our multilingual team of SEO experts, copywriters, web designers, and link builders can run a results-driven marketing campaign for you to improve your traffic, conversions and, ultimately, sales.


SEO Consultancy

SEO strategy

Our SEO consultancy uses the very latest knowledge of SEO best practices to improve where your website ranks with Google. 

Incorporating diverse aspects such as keyword research and a solid website structure, we also focus on more nuanced and subjective factors, such as quality and relevance – the attributes Google (as well as visitors to your site!) is ultimately after. Taking a holistic view of your website, our SEO experts will carry out a detailed review and analysis of each page, as well as its overall functioning. We can also work with your own web developers or implement the necessary changes ourselves. 

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On-Page SEO

On-page SEO strategy

On-page SEO are the elements of SEO that are within the pages of your site, as opposed to external aspects. When they are optimised, your ranking will improve – as well as your site’s user experience.

Our experienced SEO team will analyse your website and make sure the key elements are working to their potential, to maximise your position in search engine results. We’ll look carefully at your metatags and titles, your on-page content and internal links, the images you use and – crucially – your user experience.

Once optimised, on-page SEO has a direct, significant impact on your Google ranking.

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Website Translation Service

European web translation agency

Our professional website translation service can help you to rank highly in more than one European language. With native translators who also work as copywriters and proof-readers, we will deliver a high-quality version of your site that is fully localised to French, German, Spanish, Italian and/or Dutch markets.

As well as translating the language itself, it is important to also localise content. This ensures it is appropriate and relevant to your target audience in the UK or in Europe.

Crucially, we’ll also carry out a careful SEO website translation, making sure you rank highly with Google in your chosen country so you can be discovered easily.

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SEO Audit Service

SEO Audit service

A detailed SEO audit will draw on our 17 years’ experience in the field. Looking at the very latest trends and data, we will put together a detailed analysis of your site. Once complete, you will receive a report, which will include ways to improve your Google ranking as well as suggestions for enhancing user experience and conversion rate.

This might be ideas for improving your website’s structure and content, resolving duplicate metatag titles and descriptions, and pinpointing pages with low word counts or missing h1 headings. You’ll also gain lots of expert insights into other aspects of SEO.

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UK Link Building

UK link building

External links from other reputable websites are a highly effective way of boosting your ranking with Google. They send prominent signals that your site is important and should appear highly in search engine results.

We have an extensive network of connections with high-traffic, high-quality websites. Once we’ve identified the best ones to link your site with, we can liaise with them and arrange for specifically written content to be posted there.

As well as guest posts on high-quality blogs, we can also develop links on social media and in online directories. 

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Content Writing

Copywriting and content marketing

Our team of content writers are all educated to at least degree level and have significant experience writing content for a range of contexts.

Whether it’s product descriptions, email newsletters, guest blogs or technical content, we will ensure the written word works as hard as it can for you.

Our approach to content writing focuses on considering what will appeal directly to your company’s audience. We never duplicate content; everything will be unique, engaging and original. Our writers understand both the subtleties of the British culture and the subtleties of modern SEO.

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Results Driven Website Analysis

We will start your project by reviewing your website as a whole, using automated reports to make this efficient, we analyse your whole site for:

  • Missing or Duplicate Metatags
  • Broken links
  • Page not found errors
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Pages with too little content
  • Etc.

We're happy to work with your web developer, or to implement changes ourselves.  One of our SEO experts will review the reports and implement solutions or write new content, as required.  We are results driven and will always inform you how much of a priority different tasks have, to ensure you receive a good return on investment.

Accurate Keyword Research

Keyword research boils down to three core factors - importance to your business, monthly search volume and competition.  We provide comprehensive SEO keyword reports of relevant keywords that:

  • Show the local search volume (e.g. UK only) or international search volume, as you wish.
  • Show accurate organic competition based on the strength of the top 20 results for a keyword.
  • Identify the best page on your site to target and your current position for each keyword.
  • Includes semantic keywords that guide us as to which topics to include.

Local SEO service

  • High Authority Link Building

    Our experience is that creating guest blogs and infographics and placing them on relevant, high domain authority (DA) websites is the most effective link building method, along with a small number of premium directory submissions and social media shares.

    Google is looking for high-quality, helpful content, and that is what we deliver.

    UK link building

  • High domain authority guest blogging

    Guest Blogging

    What is the best link building strategy?

    Our recent analysis of 7,900 marketing experts and 1,000,000 search results showed that link building is an essential component to SEO and guest blogging is the best link building strategy.

    In addition to writing exceptional quality content for our guest posts, we also design attention-grabbing images to incorporate into them and ensure that they are placed on relevant, high domain authority websites.

    Content Writing for the UK

    Google values information rich websites. By writing engaging and relevant content, including blogs and service/product descriptions, we will help make your site more approachable and optimize it for a wider range of keywords.

    All our English copywriters grew up in the UK and are graduates with previous experience in both content writing and the business world.  This means that they understand the needs of both business to business and business to consumer companies.  Our content is well researched, carefully proofread and optimized for search engines.

    We understand how to write guest posts that are accepted by high authority sites, how to write content that will convert visitors to customers and how to generate sales.  We think out of the box and use a creative approach to content to make sure that it engages the reader, both with the written word and visually. 

  • Social Media Marketing

    At its best, social media demonstrates your expertise and insight into your industry and audience.  It is an ideal platform to position yourself as a thought leader in your field.  Additionally, it is an excellent SEO tool as Google monitors links from social media sites and gives sites with active profiles a boost in the search results.

    We recommend focusing on the most influential social media sites, namely Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.  We can create profiles, including header images and company bios if you don't already have them, or provide ongoing content and images for your updates and manage your social media accounts for you.

    Social Media Management Company

  • Infographic design

    Infographic Marketing

    Another effective link building strategy is to design infographics that educate your readers so they can better decide which product to buy or which service to use, building trust, rather than advertising.

    With our infographic design and marketing service we research, write and design infographics that will appeal to your local audience, add them to your site, then embed them on image sharing sites and relevant high authority blogs, with active links back to your site.


Does my website need SEO?

SEO is a highly effective way of increasing traffic to your website without having to pay for every click, like you do when placing paid-for ads. If you invest in making your site rank well organically on search engines, then the generated traffic is essentially free. To carry out SEO effectively, a three-fold approach works best:

  • On-page SEO (the optimisation of existing pages and creating new content to improve user experience and eventually rankings);
  • Technical SEO (the bits and pieces which let Google know you’re important and should therefore rank highly); and
  • Link building (generating high-quality external links to your site, signalling your importance to the search engines.)

Is keyword research included?

Yes, we will spend time researching the best English keyword combinations for your company to focus on. We will then incorporate them in an intuitive way into the content we create for you. This will never be “keyword stuffed” and everything we write for your site (and elsewhere) will read naturally. 

Does my site need more content?

The right quantity of content depends on various factors. It is something that the Google algorithm considers, and we will do, too. By researching the keywords that are most appropriate for your company, we can identify the top-ranking sites for each of the search terms and look at the amount of content they have. This enables us to pinpoint which pages it would be most helpful for you to expand. 

What qualifications do your SEO team have?

All our English copywriters and SEO experts are qualified to degree level or above. They all have prior relevant experience planning SEO campaigns for a diverse range of companies, both small and large. Of course, they all have great references too.

Which industries do you cover?

We have supported a diverse range of companies with their SEO, generating fantastic results across the board. As long as your industry is ethical, we can support you with your SEO. You can find out more about our ethical policy here.

How do you plan the content to maximise its SEO impact?

The content we create is carefully planned, using a content marketing plan. This allows us to develop a strategic approach, and ensures you have a range of different types of content, generating the most impact for your company.

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