Game Illustration and Boardgame Design

  • Creative Game Design

    Are you looking for exciting and original illustrations for a board or video game?

    Indigoextra have illustrated several board games (read more about board game illustration) and provides a high quality video game design service.

    Our designers offer 3D rendering of characters, transport, buildings and landscapes, whether you're looking for 3D realism or a fun, cartoon style.

    As a professional video and graphic design company, Indigoextra Ltd. understands what attracts players to a new game and how to present the video or board game at its best, whether the game is aimed at children or teenagers, a party game for all the family or an action-packed video game.

    An example illustration for Max the Mechanic, a video game aimed at younger children is shown above.

  • Board Game Graphic Design

    Are you interested in having your game professionally designed?

    As well as designing video games, one of Indigoextra Ltd's specialties is board game illustration and graphic design.

    Allison Carmichael and Martin Woods, the founders of Indigoextra Ltd created and illustrated The Da Vinci Game, including illustrating the box, cards, instructions and playing pieces, plus writing 800 original clues, many of them in rhyming iambic pentameter.

    Indigoextra has also illustrated three other boardgames, Liar Liar and Eurobabble, both created by Pants on Fire Games in the UK and a third game that which will shortly be in production but currently remains secret. Allison also illustrates children's books and provides numerous other illustrations for websites, book covers, promotional material and logos. 

    Indigoextra's team of graphic designers has a wide range of expertise and this includes creating 3D characters or backgrounds for your game and other advanced 3D rendering services.

  • The Da Vinci Board Game

    The Da Vinci Game

    Allison Carmichael and Martin Woods, the directors of Indigoextra Ltd. created The Da Vinci Game, including designing the box, playing board, playing pieces and instructions and writing the 800 original riddles, logic puzzles, geography clues and anagrams, over 50% of which were written in rhyming iambic pentameter.

    The board game was inspired by Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code and includes secret messages hidden in the board, plenty of symbolism and a mix of fun and mentally stimulating riddles and puzzles to solve.

  • PLYT Multiplication Game Illustration

    In 2013 we designed the board game for PLYT for Talkplaces Ltd, a fast paced and exciting game to help children with maths and in particular multiplication.

    Ian at Talkplaces gave us the following testimonial:

    "I recently worked with Indigoextra to produce the artwork for my new board game PLYT and I was extremely pleased with the results.   As this was my first board game I was venturing into unchartered territory but fortunately, Allison and the team were able to point me in the right direction and give me invaluable advice along the way.   When issues arose, I was always provided with a great service and really quick turnaround which was really important to me.   I would happily recommend Indigoextra and am looking forward to working with them again for my next product."

  • Liar Liar

  • Eurobabble Board Game

  • Murder Mystery Games

    Murder Mystery Games

    While we don't offer a boxed murdery mystery game, we've designed a range of games for small groups and large parties, as well as writing murder mystery riddles that fire the imagine and fit with the overall theme.

  • Alien Landscapes

    Having an exciting and realistic back-drop to a video game enhances the feeling that you're really there.  We can create atmospheric back-drops such as the alien landscape pictured here.

  • Video Game Illustration

    If you're looking for graphics for a video game, then we can provide exciting action packed graphics including 3D rendering and Flash animations.

  • Alien Video Game Design

    Part of our design service can include cover artwork or illustrations used to introduce new scenes in a video game, such as the alien UFO illustration pictured here.

  • Crossword Puzzles

    As well as creating video games and board games we have a portfolio of over 500 Quick and Cryptic Crossword Puzzles with grid sizes between 11 x 11 and  15 x 15.

    You may also be interested in learning about solving cryptic crosswords.