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Google's aim is to provide the best search experience possible to their clients.  It therefore follows that you should provide the best experience possible to your clients, in order to rank well with Google.  They also use numerous algorithms to determine how websites are ranked, so to ensure our clients gain a top search engine ranking, we keep up-to-date on the latest changes to these algorithms.

We approach SEO in this two pronged fashion, as illustrated in the diagram on the left:

  1. Analytical (Left Brain Approach) - We analyse the overall structure of your site to be sure it complies with Google's latest algorithms and provide reports listing common errors (missing or duplicate Metatags, duplicate content, 404 Page Not Found Errors, etc.  We complete keyword research and competition analysis and look at the keyword balance in Metatag Titles and Descriptions, URLs, h1 titles, content on the page, links to other pages, etc.  We provide reports and write new content as required to optimize your site, create a healthy keyword balance and fix any common structural problems.
  2. Creating Quality Content (Right Brain Approach) - Google's RankBrain algorithm uses artificial intelligence to measure how good the content of a website is. If visitors stay on your site longer, visit more than one page and show they like your content by sharing it on Social Media, or linking to it, then this all improves your SEO.  Our services therefore include researching and writing quality content in English, French, German and Spanish (for blog pages, product descriptions, etc.) and website redesign to ensure the colour scheme and layout are fully optimized.

For on-page SEO to succeed, it's essential that it includes both elements.  Our SEO consultant, copywriters and designers work harmoniously together to optimize each website systematically and by producing creative, high quality content.