Multimedia Design

3d Rendering - MultimediaThanks to our talented multimedia design team, we can provide you with an array of solutions to help you develop a compelling online and offline presence.

Our multimedia graphic design services include:

  • 3D graphic design
  • 3D rendering
  • Flash & CGI animation
  • Illustrations
  • Photo editing
  • Web branding & web design
  • Architectural design

Our graphic design team is versatile and creative.  We can translate your ideas into stunning, original visuals to give you a unique and sophisticated presence, reaching and holding the attention of all your potential clients.

  • 3D rendered graphics and CGI

    3D Graphic Design

    Our 3D graphic design allows you to use futuristic media for today's marketing to illustrate, in the most innovative way, your service or product.  We put you at the forefront of your field, ahead of the competition.

    Multimedia and 3D graphics allow us to take what could only be imagined and make it real.  We can take a standard marketing concept and make it pop out of the page in three dimensions. We create graphics that will leave a very real impression and bring people back time and time again.

    Our 3D graphic design service can be used for a myriad of purposes, including:

    • Enhancing an existing marketing tool, such as a website, brochure or leaflet.
    • Creating dynamic posters, adverts or other illustrations for your company.
    • Building a 3-dimensional model of anything from a product to a house to a whole village, so that you can visualize and refine your creation before starting the actual construction process.


  • Photo editing

    Photo Editing

    Sometimes you have an image that you feel is almost perfect for your marketing material but there is just something not quite right.  It has an extra person or someone missing, it is too bright, dark or the wrong colour. The layout is all wrong because the content is too asymmetrical or too symmetrical and the action needs moving.

    This is where photo editing, digital enhancement or just plain Photoshopping comes into its own.  When it comes to creating the right image to say what you are looking to say and strengthening the message in your graphic design, we are experts in the tools of photo editing and use these methods not only in standard photography but in creating funny images that trick the eye or magically modify graphics to suit any occasion.

    We also offer a photo montage service as part of our header and banner design.

  • website design

    Multimedia Web Design

    With broadband becoming the norm rather than the exception, this creates the opportunity to add interactive multimedia designs to a website, such as:

    • Interactive flash animations
    • Videos, music or other sound effects
    • Interactive Google Maps
    • Forums or other online user interactions

    When marketing and creating the branding for your website, your company's image is defined by what it is in the eyes of your clients (this is just as true for a website as it is in the world of printed media). We understand how to create impactful multimedia designs for your site, ensuring that they enhance your site and never detract from it. We ensure animations are the right speed to watch comfortably, don't distract from the text and fit with a website's overall colour scheme and theme.

    At Indigoextra, we work at creating multimedia website designs that have a unique feel of originality while making sure that your visitors will enjoy a very natural experience and associate your company with a very positive image.

  • 3D Architecture and CAD creation

    Other Multimedia Design Services

    Multimedia design has a very real impact on a company, and our role is to make sure that this impact will be a positive one, by creating graphics and animations that will give the right first impression, thanks to our innovative design techniques.

    Please visit any of the pages below to read more about our multimedia design services: