Multilingual PPC Management Services

Are you looking for a PPC management service that provides you with the maximum return on investment and offers you more than just the basics?

Indigoextra’s PPC management service provides the following enhanced features:

  • Insightful multilingual keyword selection and targeting.
  • Multilingual PPC campaigns with fluent content writers and translators in English, French, Spanish and German.
  • Impactful graphic advert creation to raise brand awareness and improve your click through rate.
  • A dedicated team to manage your Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing Ad campaigns.
  • Landing page consultation and optimization.

When managing PPC campaigns our company focuses on maximizing your return on investment, targeting income driving keywords and creating impactful text and graphic adverts.

  • PPC Management Services

    Successful PPC

    PPC (Short for Pay Per Click) is an extremely popular form of marketing where your adverts are displayed on websites and you only pay when someone clicks an advert to visit your site.

    Google Adwords is by far the largest PPC scheme and this lets you appear in Google's search results and on relevant news sites, blogs and other niche sites in the Google Display Network.  In addition to Adwords we also run campaigns for Bing and Yahoo. 

    In order for a PPC campaign to achieve the optimal return on investment, it must:

    • Target appropriate, qualified consumers (based on interest, location and language).
    • Target a range of revenue generating keywords.
    • Contain discrete Ad Groups for different goals or products to maximise bidding flexibility, together with focused text or images and carefully selected landing pages for each group.
    • Have creative and impactful text ads in each language (for multilingual PPC campaigns this is a particular challenge)
    • Have impactful graphic adverts that appear in Google’s Display Network.
    • Achieve a high Ad Quality score in Google’s ratings as this can reduce your cost per click, making your budget go further and achieving better results.
  • Google Adwords company France

    Multilingual PPC Company

    We are a Digital Marketing company with a team of multilingual creatives including English, French, German and Spanish PPC and SEO experts, content writers, web designers and graphic designers.

    Our focus is on providing effective internet marketing and PPC services that deliver an optimal return on investment, with impactful branding. 

    We create ads that will appeal to your potential clients and meet Google’s quality guidelines, creating highly targeted campaigns that draw the right people to your site.  At the start of the project we will send you your keywords, ad text and graphics for approval before they go live.

    For your PPC campaign you will have a dedicated team of five PPC professionals working for you each month, including a project co-ordinator, keyword researcher, content writer, proof reader and a graphic designer.

    We will create a tailor-made selection of Ad Groups for you, designed to reflect the different products or services you offer.  We can also target specific geographical locations or run multilingual campaigns with different Ad Groups if that’s what you need.

    Every month, the team will monitor and evaluate your PPC campaign, gathering and analyzing data, reviewing keyword bids and lists and improving Ads and keyword lists that are underperforming.

  • Keyword Selection

    An important part of PPC is keyword selection.  Keyword selection is an on-going process of testing, fine tuning and even, rejecting.  With attention to detail and careful crafting, a really strong keyword list that relates closely to your landing pages, website and marketing goals will help your campaign reach its maximum potential.

    Almost as important is identifying keywords to avoid, i.e. keywords that will bring unprofitable clicks and cost you money.  We’ll flag these as negative keywords to ensure your Ads don’t appear for them.

    Writing Text Ads

    All adverts will be written by an experienced content writer and carefully proofread.  For multilingual campaigns we will ensure that your content is written by a native speaker in English, French, German or Spanish.

    Text Ads have to be short and sweet.  Each Ad is limited by Google to 25 characters (including spaces) for the title plus two further lines of 35 characters each.  So it’s quite an art to create an impactful, keyword-primed, message including a call-to-action where possible.  Our writers enjoy the challenge and take pride in producing finely honed text designed to get your message across efficiently and effectively.

  • Graphic ads have a 140% average increase in click-through rate when compared with text ads (based on Google's internal data).

    This is why we will create original illustrated Ads for you in addition to the text ads.  This means you’ll be able to create more of an impact on the Google Display Network and its partners from the busiest news and video sites to a huge selection of other websites in your niche.  Graphic Adverts are a great way to bring customers to your company and to raise your brand’s profile.

    View sample Google Adwords graphic ads.

  • Multilingual PPC Consultation

    Google Adwords Consultation

    The higher your Ad’s Quality Score, the more likely Google is to show your Ad over someone else’s and the more cost effective it will be for you to achieve this.  The quality of your website and landing page (i.e. the page someone clicking your Ad arrives on) in terms of navigability, transparency and relevance, plays an important part in determining your Quality Score.  By improving these, you can increase your Google Ad Quality and win more traffic for a lower cost per click.  You can read what Google says about this here:

    Our Adwords management service includes an analysis of your website and landing pages and consultation on factors like:

    • How each landing page can be improved to achieve a higher Quality Score based on Google’s algorithms.
    • Suggested modifications to titles and URLs if needed.
    • Overall site feedback to help improve the user experience, transparency of the sales process and overall design which can help you to achieve a better ROI.
    • Potential improvements to organic SEO as well as PPC.

    Once our review is completed, we will produce a report outlining how we think your site could be improved to enable your company to achieve its AdWords potential.  We also offer help with making these improvements and specialize in providing support on multilingual websites.

  • Google, Bing & Yahoo

    Ongoing PPC Management

    Whether we create your PPC campaign from scratch or take over an Adwords campaign set up by another company, we will do our utmost to make sure that your online campaign is running with the best choice of keywords and that your investment is used efficiently.  In addition to monitoring and adjusting your keywords and Ads regularly to attract qualified interest and improve your click through rate, we will:

    • Monitor your campaign to see which keywords and Ads are effective.
    • Add or remove keywords as necessary.
    • Specify exact match keywords, keyword phrases and negative keywords.
    • Provide advice on increasing or reducing the budget for different keywords or Ad Groups.
    • Edit text in Ads.
    • Monitor Ad rotation and placements (where applicable) to determine more effective ways your budget can be used to attract more qualified clicks.
    • For multilingual campaigns provide advice on where to focus your budget between different languages.

    Each of the above services has the aim of improving your return on investment and means that your Campaign evolves, taking into account seasonal variations and changing trends.

    If we feel the Ads are already all performing well, we will instead create new image or text Ads, or make other modifications to your Adwords campaign to expand your PPC project further.