Web Design

WordPress, PrestaShop & Drupal Websites

For most companies a website is their single most important marketing tool.  It's the first place that people go to find out about your company and the design, content and profressionalism reflect on who you are.

The design of a website is like the tip of an iceberg. It's a beautiful entity and like an iceberg, a website has depth.  We understand this and for every website project we put together a dedicated team of graphic designers, web developers and SEO experts to ensure that your site:

  • Is beautifully and professionally designed
  • Uses the best CMS for your needs - Drupal, WordPress or PrestaShop
  • Is effortless to edit and to navigate
  • Has great content and SEO to draw visitors to your site
  • Is hosted on reliable hosting

Multilingual Website Design

One of our specialties is creating multilingual CMS websites, allowing you to easily translate pages or create a multilingual ecommerce platform.  For English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish websites we can also write content for your site, optimize it for search engines and complete your SEO.