Text Ads

Keyword Selection

An important part of PPC is keyword selection.  Keyword selection is an on-going process of testing, fine tuning and even, rejecting.  With attention to detail and careful crafting, a really strong keyword list that relates closely to your landing pages, website and marketing goals will help your campaign reach its maximum potential.

Almost as important is identifying keywords to avoid, i.e. keywords that will bring unprofitable clicks and cost you money.  We’ll flag these as negative keywords to ensure your Ads don’t appear for them.

Writing Text Ads

All adverts will be written by an experienced content writer and carefully proofread.  For multilingual campaigns we will ensure that your content is written by a native speaker in English, French, German or Spanish.

Text Ads have to be short and sweet.  Each Ad is limited by Google to 25 characters (including spaces) for the title plus two further lines of 35 characters each.  So it’s quite an art to create an impactful, keyword-primed, message including a call-to-action where possible.  Our writers enjoy the challenge and take pride in producing finely honed text designed to get your message across efficiently and effectively.