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International PPC

Pay Per Click (PPC) lets you advertise directly with Google and other search engines and their search networks so that your advert appears at the top of the results in the sponsored ads section.  With the right team of professionals, it is an effective form of marketing which generates immediate results.

PPC Marketing Service

Our international PPC service includes detailed keyword research, writing compelling adverts and designing eye-catching graphic ads to promote your website.

With PPC it’s essential to target the right audience, so we make it important to know your business so we understand more about your clients.  This ensures your PPC campaign is targeted with precision.  As part of the service, we can optimize your site’s landing pages and if we are also managing your SEO campaign, will optimize your web pages for both PPC and SEO simultaneously.

Our international PPC campaigns are carefully geotargeted and at Indigoextra we offer multilingual PPC marketing in English, French, Spanish and German.