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SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) is the technique used to help websites appear high on Google's home page in the organic ranking.  To determine where to rank a website, Google looks at the quality and relevance of the content and the quality and relevance of the links going to a site.  We can help create new content for you and build high quality, high authority links from related blogs, websites, social media platforms, infographics et al.

SEO in French, German, Spanish ...

Most of our clients come to us for SEO in one language, however we offer international link building and multilingual SEO services in French, Spanish, German and English.  In each language we offer the following SEO services:

  • Website Analysis - Ensuring that your overall website structure and html is search engine friendly.
  • SEO Consultation - Providing training and consultation on how to optimize your site to give you the best ROI.
  • On-site SEO - Optimizing your site for search engines and visitors.
  • Link Building - Building high quality, relevant and unique links and developing your social media.