Multilingual marketing and SEO

Why Internet Marketing?

The internet is the marketplace of the future.  According to IAB Europe, a leading authority on internet marketing trends in France, Spain, Germany, UK and other European countries, the average European spends around 15 hours a week on the internet and 96% of internet users in Europe search online for purchases.  Similar trends will be true in the USA, Canada and other international countries.  Google has around 90% of the search engine market share (including searches in English, German, Spanish and French) so we focus our SEO on Google.

Why SEO?

The aim of any successful local or international SEO campaign is to create websites that search engines value, so they gain top positions in the natural or organic search results for relevant keywords.

We provide an effective SEO service, ensuring you see both a quick and long-term benefit, easily giving you a better return on investment than other marketing solutions, whether online or offline.

Our organic SEO company provides four indispensable components: