Multilingual PPC Consultation

Google Adwords Consultation

The higher your Ad’s Quality Score, the more likely Google is to show your Ad over someone else’s and the more cost effective it will be for you to achieve this.  The quality of your website and landing page (i.e. the page someone clicking your Ad arrives on) in terms of navigability, transparency and relevance, plays an important part in determining your Quality Score.  By improving these, you can increase your Google Ad Quality and win more traffic for a lower cost per click.  You can read what Google says about this here:

Our Adwords management service includes an analysis of your website and landing pages and consultation on factors like:

  • How each landing page can be improved to achieve a higher Quality Score based on Google’s algorithms.
  • Suggested modifications to titles and URLs if needed.
  • Overall site feedback to help improve the user experience, transparency of the sales process and overall design which can help you to achieve a better ROI.
  • Potential improvements to organic SEO as well as PPC.

Once our review is completed, we will produce a report outlining how we think your site could be improved to enable your company to achieve its AdWords potential.  We also offer help with making these improvements and specialize in providing support on multilingual websites.