Google Map Web Design

Indigoextra can embed Google Maps into your website and provide an easy tool to add new locations to the map, along with photos and descriptions.

Our web design service lets you edit the map directly in your own website, so you can easily add new locations and edit existing locations without needing to leave your site.

Google Maps provides an interactive online map hosted by Google.  By using our Google Map web design service, you can:

  • Zoom out to view a map of the world or zoom in to view a specific country, region, city or village.
  • Add unlimited locations to the map, with different icons for different location types if required.
  • Include as many maps as you would like on your website.
  • Include a title, photo and description which appears when an icon is clicked.
  • Add search forms to find map references by location, name, keyword, etc.
  • Allow users to add their own address to the map.
  • France property map

    Including a Google Map on your website could serve a range of purposes, such as:

    • Showing multiple locations for your business with contact details for each location.
    • Allowing other people to add their own sites to a map.
    • Providing a pictorial representation of where members of a website are located, so that clients can find those members easily.
    • Providing driving directions and route planning between different locations on the Google map.

    In the interactive map of France shown here, we designed each icon to be colour coded, based on building type (house, apartment, bungalow, etc.) and to have a letter to show if it is for sale, a holiday let or long-term let.  Unticking the options on the left removes properties you're not interested in from the view.

  • Google map web design UK

    As part of the web design of a website showing Interfaith Ministers in the UK, we created the map shown on the left that allows individual ministers to create an account and add their portfolio to the UK map.

    This enables someone looking to find an Interfaith Minister to easily see who is based locally to them.

    The ministers photo and name then links to a full page with more information.

  • Drupal Map of French holiday attractions

    We're currently developing a website for a client in France who is showing a range of holiday attractions in the Languedoc-Roussillon area.  We can't show you the interactive aspects of the map just yet, but as you'll see, it uses different symbols for different types of holiday attraction, such as castles, lakes, art galleries, restaurants and town information.