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PPC Graphic Design

The Google Display Network reaches over 80% of internet users, serving over 6 billion adverts a day, making this the most widely reaching form of internet advertising.

When designing .jpg or .gif adverts for the Google Display Network or other PPC ads, we follow a rigorous process to ensure that the adverts have impactful graphics and text that will generate a good click through rate, targeting the right visitors.  We no longer offer Flash ads as Google have announced that from 30 June 2016, they will no longer allow Flash ads to be uploaded via the Adwords interface and they are not compatible with several mobile devices.

As a multilingual marketing company, we can also offer you PPC designs in English, French, Spanish and German and if you require more than just the design, manage your Google AdWords campaign in English or French.

In Google AdWords choosing image adverts over text adverts gives you numerous benefits, including:

  • Branding – By showing a professional image of your product or service, you strengthen your brand, regardless of whether someone clicks your ad or not.
  • Reach – There is less competition for image only slots in the Google Display Network, therefore image ads lets you reach this niche audience with less competition.
  • Accuracy – An image advert clearly shows who you are and what you offer, meaning you’re more likely to only pay for clicks from visitors who are truly interested in your product or service.

Creating the Adverts

When creating a new PPC ad, one of our marketing experts will first visit your website and write one or two brief, impactful phrases to include in the advert. These are sent to the graphic designer who may or may not use them, as sometimes the images themselves are all that is necessary.

Our designs will be attractive and impactful and will fulfill all of Google’s requirements in terms of the size and design. After providing the initial design, should you require any modifications, we will complete one round of modifications to ensure you are happy with the final version.