Ethical SEO and Web Design


Indigoextra is a creative and ethical SEO and web development company.  We:

  • Embrace diversity in all its forms.
  • Have an international team who include web developers, web coders, translators and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts from of a range of different nationalities and faiths. 
  • Actively seek to attract work from organisations who are dedicated to the betterment of the world and humanity.
  • Only use white hat, ethical forms of marketing.

As part of our ethical policy, we DO NOT accept web development or SEO work from or work with organisations that:

  • Promote or incite racism, sexism, hatred or intolerance.
  • Exploit foreign workers or child labour.
  • Are in countries that practice human rights abuse or controvene the Geneva convention.
  • Are part of the military, manufacture or sell arms or provide related services.
  • Offer gambling, money laundering or adult entertainment / products.
  • Sell prescription drugs from sites without requiring a prescription.
  • Manufacture or distribute tobacco as their main product.

Environmental Policy

To help preserve the environment, we:

  • Work in such a way as minimize our impact on the environment, by having a team that work from their own homes when possible, eliminating travel pollution.
  • Work electronically if possible and when printing is required, use recycled paper.
  • Use low wattage lighting and other devices that reduce our impact on the environment.

Ethical web design