View Keywords for Individual Pages in Search Analytics

Following our full guide on Google's new Search Analytics in Webmaster Tools, several people have mentioned that it's not obvious how to view results for individual pages.  To view results for individual pages on your site (or a group of pages, e.g. all the pages on your blog) follow the steps below:

Login to Webmaster Tools

  • Login to Webmaster Tools
  • Click the website you want to see the statistics for (keywords, clicks, position, etc.)
  • Click Search Traffic, then Search Analytics in the left-hand menu.

SEO Search Analytics

Keywords - Individual Pages

Keywords for individual pages

The simplest way to view keywords for Individual Pages is to then:

  • Click Pages
  • Scroll down past the graph to the list of pages (ordered by most clicks first)
  • Click the page that you want to view the keywords for

Webmaster Tools Search Analytics

  • Scroll back up and click Queries
  • Scroll down again and you'll see the list of keywords that people have searched for who have then visited this page.

You can complete a similar process to instead view visits from different countries or positions for one specific page.

Keywords - Multiple Pages

To view keywords for a sub-set of pages, you login to Webmaster Tools and click Search Analytics, then:

  • Click the drop-down arrow next to 'No filter'

Filter pages in Search Analytics

  • Click 'Filter pages...'

Filter pages by URL

  • Choose from "URLs containing", "URLs not containing" or "URL is"
  • Enter the relevant part of the URL (e.g. if all blog pages on your site contain "blog" in the URL, enter "blog" to only show the blog section of your website).
  • Press Filter
  • Scroll up past the graph and click 'Queries' to see a list of keywords relevant to the pages you've selected.

You can also select Clicks, Impressions, CTR (Click Through Rate) and/or Position to see different statistics for the pages you've selected.

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