Book Cover Illustration

Book cover illustration

When writing a book, you will have spent many hours thinking through the characters, the setting and the plot and putting it all together to create an exciting story for your readers.

They say "Don't judge a book by its cover", however the reality is that regardless of how brilliant your story is, having a well-designed, attractive and impactful book cover will create a positive first impression and attract people to your book.  A beautiful cover design will make it stand out from the crowd in a store (whether on a shelf or as an image in an e-store).

At a time of recession, when book publishers are increasingly conservative in taking on new talent, there has been a renaissance in the form of e-publishing.  As well as book cover design, we can publish your story in Kindle and in other formats and market it.

For children's e-books, we can also provide a full illustration and animation service, going way beyond the simple illustrated book to turn your children's stories into a fully interactive experience.  View sample children's book illustrations.

  • Children's Illustrations e-publishing

    With today’s technology, e-books can be brought to life.  3D rendered graphics and animations mean that it is now possible to turn your story book into a fully interactive experience.

    We have a very comprehensive understanding of what an interactive book should be as a whole and whether you are the author, the illustrator of a book or you have an idea which you would like to develop into a children’s book, we have the skill set which allows us to make your project a reality and provide any part of the process that you feel you are missing, including publishing your e-book.

    Adding interactive features to your e-book will attract children who ordinarily might need more encouragement to read.  This will broaden your possible market, using sight and sound to create the opportunity to have your book read itself to a child.  There is also the potential to do far more with an interactive book, such as presenting it in multiple languages (we also offer English to French and Spanish translations) and adding riddles, spot the difference puzzles or other visual games that heighten the e-book's educational value and increase the child's enjoyment of the story.

  • eBook graphic design

    Books can now be read on a phone, a computer, an e-reader or a tablet and are no longer restricted by their size, shape or colour, giving authors the opportunity to express themselves in a whole new way.

    Almost anybody can create an e-book and publish it online, however, when it comes to creating amazing graphics, stunning illustrations, clever animations, interactive additions, or simply a professional looking finished product, we have the experience to make the difference.

    We take the initial concept of your e-book and, during consultation with you, find a suitable look and feel for your story, from the simplest fonts to the most detailed illustrations, including creating an impactful e-book cover design.

    Give your book the professional touch it deserves and the best possible start by putting it where the maximum number of people will see it.

  • 3D e-publishing

    With several artists on the team with a background in fine art and illustration as well as graphic design and marketing, we have many years of experience between us in illustrating children’s books. With these skills, we can bring your stories to life, offering expert consultation on the look and feel of your book or e-book.  Like an editor would do with your text, we also offer a service of polishing whatever visuals you may already have.

    Illustrating for a child is a particular skill which requires the ability to put as much of the story as possible into a simple yet visually exciting format.

    Your ideas are safe with us and we always respect confidentiality to provide you with a finished product that you can take to the market place.

    We can add animations to children's e-books and use 3D rendering to really bring books to life.

  • e-book publishing and marketing

    Marketing a book requires more than simply putting it online: one needs to think about the best place to put to maximize its sales potential.  As an Internet Marketing company, we understand how to take advantage of everything the new technologies have to offer.

    From a simple marketing campaign on Amazon to a dedicated website with e-commerce, we can promote and sell you book in a variety of ways and in a variety of formats:  We can also create your eBook in a suitable format for the following websites:

    • Amazon KDP
    • Smashwords
    • IngramSpark
    • Kobo
    • Apple
    • B&N.

    We guarantee that it will be approved by each of these sites and will include a Table of Contents that links to each chapter as well as maintaining elements of your book like italics, bold and underline and footnotes / endnotes.

    Should you choose to have a dedicated website for your product, we can bring over a decade’s experience in successful Internet Marketing to help your book reach a pole position for its subject matter and for your chosen search terms. We can design a beautiful book cover, convert it to a range of formats and create an impactful online presence for your book or e-book.