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Indigoextra - European SEO & Web Design

Indigoextra Ltd. established in 2006 is an innovative multilingual marketing company specialising in European SEO, graphic design and web design and we have helped many small and medium sized businesses expand throughout Europe.

We offer each service in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch and pride ourselves in providing a top of the range service. We keep a close eye on the latest developments - both technical, and in the world of SEO and ensure that we provide a modern solution adapted to our customers' needs.

As we are a multilingual team, we primarily work remotely from own home offices. This enables us to ensure that we recruit the best native speakers from wherever they happen to live in the world and is particularly important for our copywriting and translation services, as we only hire qualified native speakers with previous experience.

Scroll down to see details of the Indigoextra Ltd team, or view examples of our European SEO case studies, or a range of our sample website designs.

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Multilingual SEO agency

On-Page SEO

A large team of multilingual copywriters, translators and on-page SEO experts ensure your content is engaging and ranks well with Google.

Link Building

An international team of guest posters and link builders create authority links to further improve your SEO and drive traffic to your site.


Web and graphic design agency

Web Design

Separate web designers create and develop beautiful sites with great UX in Drupal, WordPress and PrestaShop.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers create website themes, publicity material, logos and infographics to develop your organisation’s branding. 


  • Our Clients

    We are often approached by companies looking for an all-inclusive service - redesigning or creating a brand new website, designing a logo and corporate identity, helping write website content, creating leaflets or brochures and building high quality links for SEO.  Obviously not every business will want every service, however we can provide small business owners with the peace of mind that they have a single contact point and a pro-active company they can trust to provide all of their online and offline marketing needs.

    We understand that larger companies complete much of their online marketing in-house and therefore look to Indigoextra to outsource specific projects that require our expertise.  They might want us to convert an article to an infographic, or convert a website to a more user-friendly Drupal CMS and give it a responsive design, to translate a website, or for us to complete a dedicated content marketing campaign with only high authority backlinks.

    We work with clients in a wide range of industries including travel, fashion, entertainment, social, wholesale and retail.  We have a strict ethical policy and therefore don't work with clients in the gambling, military or adult industries.

    Our Multilingual Marketing Company

    One of our specialities is providing a multilingual marketing service in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Spanish and any content we write will be written by a fluent, native speaker and carefully proofread.

    Our core team is based in the UK and in Montpellier, France, however we do work closely with some copywriters and translators in Spain, Germany, The Netherlands and Austria, as the internet facilitates international communication and we believe in finding the best people to work with, wherever they happen to be based. All our copywriters and translators are native speakers and educated to degree level or higher, with significant previous experience.

    No two projects are identical. We therefore offer a tailor-made service for each client.  If you contact us we’re happy to send you a brochure in the first instance, however to give you an accurate quote we find it’s best to talk through your requirements in order to fully understand them, after which we will send you a custom proposal.

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    Tel: +44 (0) 208 1234 618

  • Martin - SEO Director

    Martin Woods is one of the co-founders of Indigoextra Ltd and helps English speaking companies to expand their presence in Europe via an SEO consultation service and by co-ordinating an experienced team of translators and multilingual marketing and SEO experts.

    He is passionate about content marketing, believing it to be an integral part of any SEO campaign and has developed a deep understanding of what drives visitors to visit a site in the first place and to choose to make a purchase.  He also avidly follows Google's changes to their SEO algorithms.  He has a degree in Psychology 18 years' experience in SEO and web design.

    Martin regularly contributes to the SEMRush and Business2Community blogs.  You can also read an interview with Martin in Media Shower on the latest SEO and web design trends.

  • Allison - Art Director

    Allison Woods has over 30 years’ experience in the Arts and co-founded Indigoextra in 2006.  She graduated from Goldsmiths University College in London when it was at the cutting edge of Art innovation, one of the first designers to recognise the potential of the computer and then the internet in design.  Her graphic work merges the beauty of classical art with the clean lines of modern design.  She manages two other talented graphic designers and also plays a very hands-on role herself, creating logos, illustrations and websites.

    Allison has an incredible intuition for discerning what will look right and for merging words and graphics into beautiful and impactful designs.

  • Marit - SEO Co-ordinator

    Marit co-ordinates multilingual link building campaigns, ensuring that content is engaging and placed on high quality, relevant sites for our clients.

    She is also a French to Dutch and English to Dutch translator, and has copywriting experience. She works from our office in Montpellier, France, where she ran an English bookshop before joining the Indigoextra team.  She has a Masters degree in American Studies and a passion for literature and language.


  • Robin - Link Building Co-ordinator

    Robin co-ordinates the multilingual link building campaigns for Indigoextra. He liaises with a team of link builders and webmasters to place guest posts and other links on high authority, relevant websites. With a keen eye for detail he ensures that each link meets all the client requirements and collates reports of where all links and guest posts are placed.

    He has previously worked for Google and LexisNexis, as well as as a commercial pilot. As a pilot, he was trained to manage complex systems while flying an airplane. Nowadays, he shares his passion for streamlining complex processes to ensure that work is completed as efficiently as possible.

    Robin was born and raised in the Netherlands and speaks Dutch and English.

  • Boycho - Web Developer

    Boycho is a PHP website developer with 10 years programming experience in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and the LAMP environment. He creates dynamic and powerful web applications and websites and is an expert in Drupal and Wordpress CMS.

    His focus is on creating user-friendly interfaces and he is an experienced themer, creating beautiful responsive website designs that look great on any device.

  • Fleur - SEO Consultant and French Translator

    Fleur is a native French speaking SEO expert with 5 years experience in SEO and website translation.  She is multilingual, speaking English, French and Spanish and is an expert at writing content with a unique angle, and proofreading translated content to ensure that both the message and meaning are perfected.

    Fleur specialises in on-page SEO and as well as providing SEO consultation herself to help optimize websites, she co-ordinates a team of copywriters and translators for Indigoextra.

  • Beatrice - SEO Consultant

    Beatrice is a highly qualified trilingual marketing expert, having obtained an M.Sc. in Information and Communication from the University of Montpellier, France, then completed a certificate in e-marketing and e-commerce from CNAM in Paris.

    Beatrice speaks French, Spanish and English and she handles much of Indigoextra's own sales and marketing, helps choose the best SEO strategy for our clients and also undertakes keyword research and assists with Spanish and French copywriting.

  • Emma - Content Writer, UK

    Emma is an English content writer with a First Class BA in Journalism from Edge Hill University with accreditation from the National Council for the Training of Journalists. She has over a decade’s experience in content production for newspapers, magazines, online publications and radio; including editing a book on digital activism, called Slacktivist.

    Emma helps write guest posts, product descriptions, articles and any other English cotnent required as part of the content marketing and SEO campaigns completed by Indigoextra.

  • Alex - Graphic Designer

    Alex is an artist and graphic designer based in Montpellier, with over 25 years experience in multiple visual domains.

    He has a great imagination and has worked on a wide range of graphic design projects, from creating infographics and professional banners to designing card games and posters.

    Alex has a BA in Painting and Illustration and enjoys travelling, music and films.

  • Viktoria - German SEO Content Writer

    Viktoria is a German content writer and translator who speaks several other languages including English, French, Spanish and Russian.

    She works with a high degree of initiative and an appreciation for quality and her previous roles include being a ski instructor in Rauris, Austria.  She has travelled extensively and lived in Paris, France and Manchester, UK.

    Viktoria has a Masters Degree in Translation Studies.

  • Arnaud - Graphic Designer

    Arnaud is a 2D and 3D vector graphic designer with experience in the world advertising, engineering and game design.

    His work is creative and versatile, yet he works with a precision that is required for some aspects of design, like animation.

    Arnaud has a BTS in design and visual communication and lives in Montpellier, France.

  • Louise - SEO Translator

    Louise speaks English and French fluently and is a content writer and SEO translator, writing articles, content for clients' websites and social media profiles and translating various documents between English and French.  Having lived in South France for 20 years, she possesses an in-depth knowledge of French culture, society and language.

    Louise is a Trinity College graduate and holds a French PhD, having specialized in scientific and cultural translations for the past several years, as well as translating for the French courts.  She spent a number of years studying early Stone Age tools before moving onto more modern technology.

  • Sam - Social Media Guru

    Sam is a social media guru who helps create and manage our clients' Facebook and Twitter accounts.

    Based in Montpellier, France, she previously lived in Yorkshire, where she worked as part of the Senior Management Team for a manufacturer of hygiene equipment, helping them gain Investors In People 3 times.

  • Tormey - Multilingual SEO Content Writer

    Tormey is a multilingual content writer, writing engaging content in both English and French.

    He is TEFL qualified (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and also works as an opera singer.  Tormey has also written a science-fiction novel and particularly enjoys writing about technology and music.


  • Eric - French Content Writer

    Eric is a French SEO content writer who has also trained in traditional Chinese medicine and who particularly enjoys writing articles and blogs about health, or articles with a psychological perspective.

    He writes fluent and enjoyable French content and also speaks English and some German.