International Domain Name Infographic

2 infographics on naming your domain

Three infographics on choosing a domain name:

We've used two different styles of infographic to help you decide how to name your new website, while demonstrating different illustrative styles that might be used to communicate information visually.

Update 16 June 2016 - Google have just announced that using one of the new swathe of domain names (.london, .photography, .club, .estate, etc.) will NOT help your SEO and that they completely ignore the second part of the Top Level Domain in determining where they rank websites.

Your domain name is your baby gives you some basic information on choosing a domain name and compares the process to naming your baby.

Choosing an international domain name for SEO is a more technical infographic and approaches the decision from a perspective of reaching an international or multilingual audience.

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Choosing a domain name is like naming your baby
International domain names for SEO infographic