Business Cards - International Etiquette

Business card design infographic

If you travel frequently you'll be aware that different cultures have different etiquettes for all manner of things and while the design and size of a business card is fairly standard across different countries, the etiquette varies considerably.

This infographic gives details of business card etiquette in USA, Europe, Australia, Japan, China and India, as well as a brief history and some guides as to the standard dimensions  of a business card.

Some interesting facts and figures:

  • People are 10 times more likely to keep a colour business card than a black and white one.
  • In India it's considered rude to hand over or receive a business card with your left hand.
  • 85 mm x 55 mm is the standard size of a card (while some people design elaborate cards that are much larger than this, it's best if a card fits into a wallet, as they're more likely to be kept).


Business card etiquette in different countries