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Cats picture book

Indigoextra offer custom book illustration, such as the illustrations from 3 cat picture books shown on this page, illustrated by Allison Carmichael.

The cat illustrations on this page are of the book covers and 2 of the internal pages.  They show two adorable cats, Blessed and Beloved.

In My Cats Are Different we are introduced to Blessed and Beloved, two cats who are both delightful in their own unique way.  In the second illustrated cat book, My Cats Dream Dreams we discover the wonderful and wacky dreams that the two cats have.  The third illustrated story book, My Cats Go On Holiday sees the daring adventures Blessed enjoys on her holidays and the more sedate adventures that Beloved enjoys.


My Cats are Different Picture book
My Cats Are Different
We meet Blessed and Beloved and learn of their passions.
Dreams Illustrated book
My Cats Dream Dreams
This book explores the wonderful and bizarre dreams of the two cats
My Cats Go On Holiday Parachuting
My Cats Go On Holiday
The third picture book in the series shows us the cats enjoying their holidays.