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  • Multilingual marketing and SEO

    Why Internet Marketing?

    The internet is the marketplace of the future.  According to IAB Europe, a leading authority on internet marketing trends in France, Spain, Germany, UK and other European countries, the average European spends around 15 hours a week on the internet and 96% of internet users in Europe search online for purchases.  Similar trends will be true in the USA, Canada and other international countries.  Google has around 90% of the search engine market share (including searches in English, German, Spanish and French) so we focus our SEO on Google.

    Why SEO?

    The aim of any successful local or international SEO campaign is to create websites that search engines value, so they gain top positions in the natural or organic search results for relevant keywords.

    We provide an effective SEO service, ensuring you see both a quick and long-term benefit, easily giving you a better return on investment than other marketing solutions, whether online or offline.

    Our organic SEO company provides four indispensable components:

    • Authority Link Building - this includes targeted article submissions, guest posts, high authority links and social media marketing
    • On-site Search Engine Optimization - Writing optimized content and structuring your website for search engines
    • Optimized Website Design - Designing complete websites and optimizing the graphics to create an impactful and user-friendly design
    • SEO Consultancy and Training for multilingual sites - Providing training and consultancy on the best way to optimize multiple websites or sites in multiple languages.
  • Multilingual Link building after Google Penguin

    Multilingual SEO - A unique insight

    If you're looking to expand your business into a new country, or a new language, then our SEO consultant can provide accurate advice based on over 17 years' experience.

    Are you wondering whether to use a separate domain, sub-domain or sub-folder for each language?  Is your site appearing high for one language, but not the others?  Would you like help creating quality content and links in a language that you don't speak fluently yourself? 

    These are all examples of projects we've tackled for existing clients and our unique insights into the SEO world and how it applies to your business will help the process go more smoothly and could save considerable time and money in the long run.

    Our speciality is working with clients who are expanding into Europe and we provide:

    • Accurate keyword research and competition analysis
    • Website analysis and consultation
    • A high quality multilingual copywriting and translation service
    • Link building / content marketing in English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish


  • International SEO Services

    Quality content that delivers results

    Google's aim is to provide the best search experience possible to their clients.  It therefore follows that you should provide the best experience possible to your clients, in order to rank well with Google.  They also use numerous algorithms to determine how websites are ranked, so to ensure our clients gain a top search engine ranking, we keep up-to-date on the latest changes to these algorithms.

    We approach SEO in this two pronged fashion, as illustrated in the diagram on the left:

    1. Analytical (Left Brain Approach) - We analyse the overall structure of your site to be sure it complies with Google's latest algorithms and provide reports listing common errors (missing or duplicate Metatags, duplicate content, 404 Page Not Found Errors, etc.  We complete keyword research and competition analysis and look at the keyword balance in Metatag Titles and Descriptions, URLs, h1 titles, content on the page, links to other pages, etc.  We provide reports and write new content as required to optimize your site, create a healthy keyword balance and fix any common structural problems.
    2. Creating Quality Content (Right Brain Approach) - Google's RankBrain algorithm uses artificial intelligence to measure how good the content of a website is. If visitors stay on your site longer, visit more than one page and show they like your content by sharing it on Social Media, or linking to it, then this all improves your SEO.  Our services therefore include researching and writing quality content in English, French, German and Spanish (for blog pages, product descriptions, etc.) and website redesign to ensure the colour scheme and layout are fully optimized.

    For on-page SEO to succeed, it's essential that it includes both elements.  Our SEO consultant, copywriters and designers work harmoniously together to optimize each website systematically and by producing creative, high quality content.

  • Multilingual link building and guest posts

    Multilingual Link Building

    At Indigoextra, we’re focused on helping website owners achieve optimum results with our high quality link building service. In addition to our on-site SEO, we offer the following off-site link building techniques in English, French, German and Spanish:

    • Building a good network of quality one-way high authority links.
    • Guest blogging by writing SEO articles in English, French, German and Spanish and submitting them to related, niche sites.
    • Submitting your site to country specific directories (including UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Spain and Germany)
    • Creating and managing your social media profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

    We also offer tailored link building solutions, so will recommend a different service whether you're a real estate company in Spain, a wedding supplier in the UK or a French holiday site, to ensure links are relevant and appropriate for your business.

    Read more about our multilingual SEO link building service.

  • SEO and Marketing

    A beautiful website will boost your SEO

    A website's design plays an integral role in Internet Marketing. Design Optimization entails creating a website that is attractive, user-friendly, has great SEO and ultimately generates more sales. It consists of creating a website that:

    • Gives visitors a positive first impression so they stay on your site longer.
    • Is designed around user-experience (UX), so visitors can find everything they need and are guided through the sales process intuitively.
    • Has a responsive web design, so it looks good across mobile devices, tablets and monitors.
    • Uses a colour scheme, font and layout that are appropriate for the product or service being offered.
    • Is optimized for the aspects of design Google consider that include mobile friendliness, page load speed, use of adverts, et al.

    Search engines measure various user signals that are an accurate indicator of how much visitors like your site, therefore design optimization is a core component of SEO.  If visitors stay on your site for longer or more visitors share it, your site will gradually rise in the search results. 

    If you'd like to discuss how we can improve your site's design, please get in touch.  Each project is unique and every website has subtly different requirements and we will review your site for free before making recommendations.

  • Europe search engine optimization

    Europe SEO Case Study

    We finished the English to French SEO translation for a well-known UK fashion website in October 2014 and complete ongoing SEO work for them.  This includes keyword research, translating new content, on-page SEO consultation and a small monthly link building / content marketing campaign.

    Since the launch of their site they've seen a steady increase in traffic from zero to over 3,300 visits a month from searches on alone, in addition to plenty of referral traffic from our articles, infographics and directories.  The graph below shows an estimate of monthly traffic (Based on SEMRush data).

    SEO case study France

    In 2015 we were asked to translate their site into German and optimize it and we are currently (in mid-2016) translating and optimizing a Dutch version of their site, allowing them to reach customers in 4 European countries.

    View other multilingual case studie, or contact us.


English, French, German & Spanish SEO

Whether you're looking for SEO in one language or multilingual SEO services, Indigoextra can help by providing you with a comprehensive English, French, German or Spanish SEO and link building service.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of writing and constructing a website to send a clear message to search engines as to the focus of your site.  By including popular keywords in the 'right' locations of your site an appropriate number of times, having well-written, professional content and an optimized design, you will appear higher with Google and other search engines.

SEO is an essential tool whether you have a brand new website waiting to be discovered, or an established brand that you'd like to reach a wider audience.

Multilingual Link Building

Link building is another essential component of an effective local or international SEO campaign and you may wish to learn more about our international link building service, which includes a breakdown of the services we offer per language.

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