Infographic Design and Marketing

Infographic design and marketing History of Car Design A Label Pie Chart food labels Label printing explained in popart Business Card Etiquette Naming your domain Misterdeal The Psychology of Colour Labels in sales and marketing Creative product labelling Van man Removals in London PPC or SEO Whats in a Label Design Marketing infographics showing Google Algorithm Updates A-Z of Hot Rods and Classic car tracks Its a wrap infographic Future of Google Infographic of international gift wrapping traditions A guide to future trends in labelling written by Indigoextra The League of Super Labelling Heroes info graphic classic cars and movies
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Designing Infographics

A selection of our English infographics are shown here.  You may also wish to view our French, German and Spanish designs.

If you’re looking to create an infographic to market your company or service, then there are 4 essential components:

  • Good research
  • Interesting content
  • A beautiful design
  • Professional marketing

At Indigoextra, when we create infographics, our copywriting and graphic design team work closely together to ensure that the words and images complement each other.

Inspiration for infographics

An infographic is simply an image that conveys information in a graphic way, hence info-graphic.  They can be designed in a myriad of ways and are extremely useful to present information on a whole range of subjects in a myriad of ways, for example:

  • Show statistics as a graph, chart or in mini factoids
  • Introduce your company or a specific product / service discretely or by brand.
  • Present a ‘How To’ guide.
  • Include a flow-chart for decision making.
  • Show the history of a product, a whole industry or even a concept.


Accurate research is essential when creating your infographic.  For example images are processed 4 to 12 times faster than text, not 60,000 times faster as is sometimes quoted.

Writing Content

As well as the ‘info’ and ‘graphic’ elements, large infographics also have the potential to tell a ‘story’ so we therefore recommend including an introduction, main body and conclusion in each design.

Infographics are a great part of content marketing, where the aim is to educate your customers and content should never be purely sales orientated – a “buy, buy, buy” message is quickly boring and practically guarantees that your infographic won’t be shared, however if you sell 3 similar products or services then a guide as to which to use might be a useful infographic that will be of value to your clients and customers.  It’s a subtle difference, but an important one!

We write content in short sections and as bullet-points, tables, etc. as these make it easier to convert into an attractive easy to read design.

Graphic Design

A beautifully designed infographic is essential to capture visitors’ attention and present your company in a professional light.  Your design might include any of the following components:

  • Tables of data
  • Photos
  • Flowcharts
  • Illustrations
  • Maps
  • Timelines

We design each infographic:

  • With a colour scheme that reflects the colour scheme of our client’s website or logo, to help reinforce the branding.
  • A background colour or pattern as this is preferred by most web surfers.
  • A width of at least 1000px.
  • A font size that’s large enough to be read if the infographic’s displayed at a smaller scale (some sites require us to reduce the infographic to as small as 700px wide).
  • Plenty of text and images to make the infographic interesting and dynamic.

Infographic Marketing

We market our client’s infographics on a range of social media and image sharing websites and also recommend that clients help market the infographics by including them:

  • On their own website
  • On their Twitter and Facebook profiles
  • As posters
  • As guides in shops or offices

Google likes unique text comment so when we share infographics, we also write a range of unique titles and descriptions to go with each submission and we provide reports of where the published infographics are live.


The shareability of a well-researched infographic with interesting content and a beautiful design will mean our clients brand and image will reach a wide audience.  When creating the infographic, we keep that and the overall message firmly in mind to ensure that the different elements all merge together into a beautiful finished design that shows our client in the best possible light.