Cool Infographic Designs

An infographic is a cool and effective way to convey information visually.  We absorb visual information all at once, whereas text has to be read slowly, one line at a time.  This means that information in an infographic is communicated faster and with more impact.

Our infographics can include information that is inherently visual (graphs, colour charts, photos, etc.) or we can use symbols to display your information.

We'll carefully design the infographic to match your website's colour scheme and theme.

If you're looking to complete an international marketing project, we can also translate your design into multiple languages, giving you striking visuals in each language.

Make an Impact with Infographic Marketing

Your infographic can be used in a myriad of ways:

  • To display information about your product or service
  • To educate viewers about any subject
  • As a link building tool - if you supply a cool infographic to an authority site they will be a lot more likely to link back to you than if you just request a link!  We can help you with this too.
  • We can also translate your infographic into multiple languages if you're looking for a multilingual marketing service.
Bold images tell a story quickly and catch people's attention, however short the span might be.  See examples below.

Choosing an international domain name for SEO


The infographics shown above and below both illustrate ways to choose your domain name.  The baby infographic shown above targets the general public (and in particular new parents) and the one shown below is aimed at a technical audience.

When designing infographics we take your target audience into account and ensure that we reach it!


International Domain Name Infographic Design

Infographic example

Impactful French infographic