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  • Distinctive marketing in France

    Innovative Marketing Services

    We live in a fast paced world where website technology, branding and best SEO practices are constantly evolving.  For many companies the internet has also changed their focus from local to national or international, as geographic restrictions become less important.

    Indigoextra Ltd is a multilingual marketing company that exists to meet the demands of our clients in this fast paced world.  We offer a comprehensive marketing service for all your online and offline needs.

    We provide effective English, Spanish, German and French SEO services with a track record of putting dozens of clients on the first page with Google and Bing, including completing marketing campaigns for several internationally recognized brand names.

    Graphic & Website Design

    When completing website or graphic design projects, we ensure our visuals create a compelling, positive message about your company, whether designing print material or working with you to create a beautiful, professional website.

    Our websites are created using the Drupal CMS with custom module configuration and theme design to ensure you can effortlessly edit and expand your site.

  • Web graphic design and 3D rendering

    Graphic Design

    We are all drawn to things of beauty and portraying your business in a beautiful (and appropriate) fashion helps in a myriad of ways:

    • To reassure clients that you are professional and worth taking seriously.
    • To help your advert, website, leaflet, etc. to stand out, so people choose yours over someone else’s.
    • To make your message easy to absorb and a pleasure to read.

    Our talented graphic design team will provide you with illustrations that are beautiful and professional, carefully tailored to your target audience and based on our years of experience.

    Our Design Services

    The majority of our illustration work is for websites, online adverts, print material and 3D rendering.  Our niche specialities include:

  • Drupal Web Design

    For most companies a website is their single most important marketing tool.  It’s the destination that any PPC or SEO campaign is targeted towards and it creates the first impression that potential clients form about your company.

    The design of a website is like the tip of an iceberg. It's the first thing people see and should therefore be a thing of beauty. Like an iceberg though, a website has depth.  We understand this and for every website project we put together a dedicated team of graphic designers, Drupal developers and SEO experts to ensure that your site:

    • Is beautiful and professional
    • Is effortless to edit and to navigate
    • Has great on-page SEO to draw visitors to your site
    • Is hosted on reliable hosting

    Multilingual Drupal Websites

    One of our specialties is creating multilingual websites using the Drupal content management system (CMS), allowing you to easily translate pages.  For English, French, German or Spanish websites we can also write content for your site, optimize it for search engines and help you market it.

  • international SEO services

    SEO Services

    SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) is the technique used to help websites appear high on Google's home page in the organic ranking.  To determine where to rank a website, Google looks at the quality and relevance of the content and the quality and relevance of the links going to a site.  We can help create new content for you and build high quality, high authority links from related blogs, websites, social media platforms, infographics et al.

    SEO in French, German, Spanish ...

    Most of our clients come to us for SEO in one language, however we offer international link building and multilingual SEO services in French, Spanish, German and English.  In each language we offer the following SEO services:

    • Website Analysis - Ensuring that your overall website structure and html is search engine friendly.
    • SEO Consultation - Providing training and consultation on how to optimize your site to give you the best ROI.
    • On-site SEO - Optimizing your site for search engines and visitors.
    • Link Building - Building high quality, relevant and unique links and developing your social media.
  • French SEO

    French SEO

    Of the multilingual SEO services we offer, we have most experience in the French market, using a range of effective strategies to ensure your website is optimized to achieve top placements with Google.  All our services are Google Hummingbird and Google Penguin friendly and we also provide quality English to French translation services and content writing for clients in France, Canada or other French speaking countries.

    An essential part of SEO or Search Engine Marketing is link building.

    Link Building in France

    Search engines treat each link from related, high authority sites as a vote of confidence. The more quality links to your site, the higher up the rankings you go. We offer relevant, high domain authority links by writing unique articles and posting them on relevant blogs in your niche in France or Canada.  We also offer French directory submissions, social media profile management and image sharing services.

    Our copywriting team consists of skilled native French speaking SEO writers. We provide 100% original SEO content that is well researched and engaging.

Multilingual website design team

Creative Web Design & Multilingual SEO

There are numerous aspects to a successful website - a beautiful and responsive design, original and engaging content, functionality including a user-friendly CMS and Search Engine Optimization to boost your site with Google and generate traffic from the internet.

The Indigoextra team provide you with a comprehensive service to fulfill all your company's marketing requirements in 4 languages - English, French, German and Spanish.  Whether you're looking for just one aspect, like graphic design or link building, or multiple aspects in multiple languages, we are here to help you.

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